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Louder Than Love
08-04-08, 10:27 AM
Men and Fibromyalgia.

After i finally stopped eating god knows how much opiates a day.
( I felt the need to KNOW that I wasnt addicted past the point of no return)
I went like 13 days not taking ANY, ZERO, NIL. NONE.

and this pain presented itself ALL OVER my body.
The only comfort I could bring myself was lying on my back on the couch, not that it helped a lot, but even a small percent was an improvement.

My mother was dx'ed with Fibromyalgia, and so many docs think it's utter crap that really not that much research has been done on it, until lately.

and apparently its not all that uncommon for a male to inherit the fibromyalgia gene, and I couldve very possibly been masking these symptoms by keeping myself flooded with opiates. me being 25, im also at just the right textbook age for these symptoms to be manifesting themselves.

Severe pain in my Shoulders, Neck, stomach, lower legs, thighs, feet, nearly everywhere theres a lymphnode.

And it seems to be a 'nested' pain,... like... it starts at the core of my body and radiates outward. at the core it doesnt hurt so bad, but every 'step' of the outward radiating seems to hurt more.

Anyone thats been DX'ed with fibro?
Does this sound right?

08-04-08, 07:09 PM
Its sounds right...
A lot of sceptisism surrounds this diagnosis..

I will offer this..
When you take amphetamines your body reacts by clenching the muscles because the overload of adrenaline is so in turn spasm..

You are correct..More ADHDer's suffer with chronic pain, especially if they are on caffiene...binds muscle to hold onto red cells..not allowing them flurish..only to constrict and cause pain..

One other thought..when you take your are more in tune to the music your body is playing..

Research your area..i am sure there is a physcian who specializes in Fibro..

Sorry to hear about your pain..I have a few books in my office..I will send you titles..and i have a couple people i can discuss this with..give me a couple days...i will find the perfect hopefully that will help..

08-04-08, 07:34 PM
I've also had fibromyalgia since about the age of 25 - which was about 32 years ago, long before the doctors knew much about it or diagnosing it. My daughter also has FM, but did not start dealing with much pain until she was in a really bad car crash at the age of 30 (4 years ago). Her pain is so much like mine was when I was her age. I've been in something of a remission for the last couple of years with occasional flare ups now and then.

I will be interested in watching this thread for information and just sharing with others who are dealing with both FM and ADHD.

08-05-08, 03:06 AM
Pain is like my shadow... It never leaves me.

Mainly my shoulders/upper back/neck/head/stomach...

Louder Than Love
08-05-08, 03:35 AM
Oh, i couldnt take it anymore tonight . I had to take TWO 10mg percocets.

This was only about 25 minutes ago, but already I feel 30% better, and that in itself is enough to make feel all 0_o,... or.... X-X

I can't believe how suddenly this has manifested itself...

But then again, I WAS most likely masking the symptoms.

- Rivers