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04-02-03, 10:01 PM

From the Publisher
How do you deal with a difficult and defiant child or teenager? What can you do if your child has been diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) or is resentful and constantly in trouble at school? Are there constructive ways to channel such oppositional energy and determination? Dr. John F. Taylor will tell you how.

Inside, you'll find new hope and hundreds of specific, sensible, and easy-to-implement suggestions for improving life with a rebellious and argumentative child. Parents and teachers anyone who deals with difficult children, teens, or young adults will also learn how to tap the potential of these natural-born leaders by discovering how to:

Understand why an oppositional attitude exists
Open up new, safer avenues for children to express needs and wants
Enhance communication, avoid common mistakes, and reduce undesirable behavior
Teach a child conscience-based self-control
And much more!

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