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08-08-08, 02:35 PM
My 10 yr old has been on Focalin XR for a while. He is already small and a picky eater. Has anyone had any success with something to increase appetite?

08-08-08, 04:13 PM
Has he lost weight? and how is growth..if you are concerned about FTT (failure to thrive) you need to discuss this with pediatrician. If he is being monitored, then weight should be a topic of discussio at each visit.

The side effects of meds..can be alarming..and sometimes the bad will outweigh the good. Keep a close eye on the scale..

Now as a mom..try to invent fun meals..full of protien, if know..peanutbutter ant logs. pita pocket with yummy favorites. Sometimes finding yummy healthy foods for kids is like a teasure hunt.and as time consuming as it may be..a kids cook book..that he can choose recipees is always fun on a cold Sunday. Let the little one, look at pics of fun food on kids web may intrigue a craving..

I know my daughter, always comes home to say...I had blank at so & so's, and loved I buy it.

Good Luck...the appetite will increase with extended use.
There is always pedia-sure...sorta like a milkshake...and you can freeze for 1/2 hour to give slush like consistency.

Good luck...and welcome.

09-09-08, 09:56 AM
My daughter has had appetite issues on most of the ADHD meds. We try to get a big healthy breakfast with protein in her before she takes the med and usually she is hungry again at dinner time so we do the same. I had to stop worrying so much about lunch. If she ate, great. If she skipped lunch, I try not to worry. She is getting two good meals and sometimes a late snack at bed time. We also make sure she takes her vitamens. Hopefully this is enough.