View Full Version : People who have recieved ADD treatment in or around St. Louis, please.

08-08-08, 03:23 PM
I am an underemployed female who probably is not eligible for medicaid and other healthcare services. (i'm 22, not pregnant, parenting, or disabled. i'm just a babysitter for my sister, i make squat for money in order to stay living with my parents. they can't afford to pay me more than 40-50 a week anyway.)

i have no form of insurance and have not been diagnosed.

i'm curious if there are any places i could go that would still help me get treatment/medication.

my life is a disaster, in that nothing is happening with it. as much as i'd like to kick my own rear to get up and do things, that only goes so far before i give up.

i keep finding dead ends, or am getting overwhelmed with fears of not being able to get help.

it's time for me to move on with my life. i want to realize my potential. i want to sort my life out and be independent.

and i really am trying hard not to give up hope. please help.

01-13-09, 01:41 AM

I feel your frustration. You sound like I did at the age of 22. You at least have some knowledge of ADHD and that is a huge plus.

The only way to receive a ADHD medication prescription is to go through the two step (sometimes one step) diagnosis process. Before that phase, learn as much as you can about the ADHD diagnosis process, the various treatments, and ADHD medications. Remember, there is not a "cure" for ADHD. Much of the work must be done by you!

I live in Soulard and visited with an ADHD clinician about four years ago who practices in Town and Country. Stay away from the Attention Deficit Center if it is still in business. Try to get a referral from a family physician or close friend. There was a support group here and they advertised their meeting in the RFT. I am not sure they still hold meetings.

Many insurance policies do not cover ADHD, so yourlack of insurance is a moot point. A public health facility may offer ADHD services. Check with the City of St. Louis Web site and research the health info. Send a contact email describing your situation.

I commend you for taking action.