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08-09-08, 09:45 AM
ive just found this mentioned in my medical notes, and mentioned it in another thread on "underacehiver syndrome", so i thought id mention it here.

Inadequate personality disorder:
Persons with inadequate personality disorder often have chronic inability to meet ordinary life demands in the absence of mental retardation. There is severe dependency on others. The person with inadequate personality disorder will have tendency to become dependent on institutions.

theres few references to it on google, this was the best sumary i found, but i think for me it could easily be mistaken for ADHD, particularly the problems with paperwork etc. and how adhd can lead to the other things mentioned.

however ive also heard it referenced as "now known as dependant personality disorder" but dependant personality disorder doesnt realy describe me at all.

08-27-08, 03:25 AM
so it's like a lack of common sense or practical ability, but not any lack of intelligence?
sounds very hard to deal with if you have it. because you'd be full of potential and no way to get to it

08-27-08, 05:30 AM
in the absence of mental retardation.


it really seems like a borderline personality disorder/ADHD cocktail combo
............I'm not dependent on institutions, LOL! .......there is no beatles, or decorations, or lava
lamps, internet access...
..........I entertain myself well.
and the smell of dr's offices, knocks me out cold.. shrink had to wake me up a few times.

08-27-08, 06:59 AM
I think with adhd its not a lack of comon sense, but a lack of being able to put that common sense in to practice.

but yeah i feel full of potential but no way to use it to realy actualy acheive anything.