View Full Version : Concerta and INH

08-16-08, 09:09 AM
Hello, my 9 year old ADHD son is currently taking 54mg concerta and does very well on the medication. However, yesterday he had a positive PPD test which was followed by an x-ray to rule out active tuberculosis. While he does not have active TB, it is recommended that he start an intensive nine month regimine of INH to prevent the disease from becoming active. I have been looking and discovered that should he start taking INH that concerta warns of an increased risk of stroke when taken inconjunction with INH. Does anyone have any experience with these two medications. I am heartbroken as it has taken years to get my son functioning in a productive manner. He is excelling in school and finally making friends and enjoying being a kid. Now he is being hit with this and nine months (basically his entire 4th grade year) of INH without Concerta would be a devistating set back for him but then so would getting TB. Any insight on this subject would be greatly appreciated.