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08-17-08, 05:40 PM
Hello all, I'm a 20 year old male university student studying molecular biology. I'm currently split between living in Hertfordshire during the holidays and Surrey during term-time.

I'm a textbook underacheiver What I mean by this is (I do not wish to sound arrogant) I am very clever. I'm naturally intellectual and I have always been scientifically-minded and generally smart. Unfortunately, applying this has always been my weakness. Despite my attempts to concentrate, I managed to obtain a third overall last year at uni, and this is very very disappointing.

I've had ADHD my whole life. And I mean my WHOLE life. Ever since I was a baby, the symptoms were there, and they never subsided; they only changed as I have become older. I can't concentrate when working. It feels like there's a hundred trains of thought running through my head at once, and each wishes to go it's own way, so I end up doing nothing productive until the procrastination is half-killing me and eventually I walk away with marks that are beneath my capability. This leaves me angry and frustrated. It's like the whole thing is unfazed by my willpower to do well.

I have one year of university left and I have decided it's the last straw. I need to do well this year if I want to succeed, and I will take any help that's going if it will bring my grades up.

A little history. I've had ADHD my whole life and it has always been with me. I was diagnosed at a clinic in london after I had to be suspended from school because I was so inattentive and hyperactive. I would literally try to walk out the classroom when I got bored, and I would misbehave even when I was disciplined. I was impulsive. My parents opted against medication becuase they were worried about the effects for a young child. I attended a normal secondary school, where I was once again tested for ADHD and found to be a textbook example of the underacheiver with ADHD. Again, I thought I could get by on my own, and while my grades were not bad, they were not great either.

So anyway, here I am, aged 20, and I've decided it's time to get help in order to help me control my life. I'mgoing to ask the counselling department at my uni for any help they can offer as soon as they open up again in september. I also want to go to a doctor of some description who can prescribe me some medication, as I am desperate to do well and prove myself. I would be pretty chilled about all this, but these next few months will be extremely busy with academic work and societies, and by the end of next may, all my exams will be over, so I need all help to be before then, otherwise it will not help me to acheive in university.

What I want to know is what is the quickest route to getting hold of the medication and therapy that is needed for my case. I think if going private would make the process quicker, then my parents would help me with the costs of going private, so let me know if that would help.

Another thing of note is that my mother has saved a lot of the childhood assessments and other paperwork proving I had ADHD. Would this help me gain an adult diagnosis that will eventually help me get any drugs and other help?

08-19-08, 06:19 AM
Hi there
I would go private and not waste time trying the NHS route. Depends really on how your PCT is about referring you to an out of their area service if there is no adult adhd provision within your PCT. I went to my GP and she warned me that psychiatric healthcare provision was particularly poor and stretched in our area but started the process off. The PCT woudl not fund me. So, in order to not to waste more time I went the private dx route but first I discussed this with my GP and asked her if she would be prepared to prescribe my meds if I got a dx privately. I also discussed the various route to getting a dx privately. You can spend a lot of money inthe UK or you can spend as little as 200 for the first consultation (what it cost me last year) and about 105 for subsequent followups. There is a centre in the UK where they carry out tests for about 700 plus for several hours of testing. My GP said that there was no point in spending money unecessarily and also that she would be more inclined to view a dx by a fellow NHS professional working locally for a neighbouring PCT (and also working privately) perhaps more than that of a specialist private clinic. Re taking evidence along, you can always ask the private pschiatrist if they need to see the paperwork for your adhd dxd when you were a child.

08-19-08, 03:15 PM
I have private apointment in harrow tomorow 350.

08-21-08, 05:37 AM
Another advocate of private here. The NHS moves at glacial speed and getting a result could take years.

Find a local private specialist and get your GP to refer you there ASAP - it could all be over in 1-2 months.