View Full Version : A song I wrote just before being diagnosed...

08-20-08, 01:09 AM
I wasn't going to share this with anyone but then I cam across it and thought it wasn't doing anyone any good just sitting in my notebook.

Maybe it's a bit melodramatic but it's what I was feeling at the time and I think it's what a lot of us can think or feel after yet another failure/setback --especially before we know what's "wrong" with us....

Anyway, I better post this quick while I still have the guts!

Broken dreams, a broken body, and broken heart
Sit in this saddle.
They say I'll heal, but there's not time --
You know there's work to be done.
One more fall could kill me
But I ride on and face the battle.
Another day, another race to run.

Sleepless nights, and long long days make me forget
I'm twenty-one.
Friends they've all gone and left me, believing lies.
I wish someone
Would sit for a little while
And stay, just to listen
But I'm alone and I keep holding on.

Oh I try, God I try
But the stars have turned against me.
I've only hope for the future
And a longing to be free.
There is no, no damn reason.
I can't take it any longer.
Lord I ask, do you remember me?