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08-20-08, 02:17 PM
does anyone else here have a really bad problem keeping up with their goals?? i have these "spurts" i guess you can call them when i want to do stuff or fell motivated to do things that i need to do.

sometimes, right after going to my nutritionist or the dentist, i really try hard to eat healthily and brush my teeth thoroghly. but then, after a while, i just don't feel the need to do that stuff anymore or work so hard at it.

nobody seems to understand. i feel like one of those stickers that are really bad and fall off after a while whatever you put them on. my mom said that i don't have "spurts" with cooking (which i love) but she doesn't understand that because im interested in it, i want to do it all the time and it doesn't seem bothersome.

does anyone else have "spurts" and if you do, how do you handle them?

08-20-08, 02:53 PM
I have exactly the same problem! I'm a knife nut (I collect expensive knives), but I tend to get focused on a few things for a while and then I move on to something else. Before knives, it was flashlights and headphones. I cook too, but I'm lazy. I did cook tonight though. :)

08-20-08, 02:57 PM
but how do you sick to goals that you make?

08-20-08, 07:47 PM
I don't! lol. Trying to figure that one out.

Well, I am back in college after a four-year break. Took a lot of thought to get me there.

08-20-08, 08:36 PM
:confused:things that i work up to are easy, like saving money. but keeping up with a goal like eating healthy. thats really hard is it ADD? or just me?

08-20-08, 10:22 PM
but keeping up with a goal like eating healthy. thats really hard is it ADD? or just me?

No, it's certainly not just you! I think a lot of people have this problem, but I think ADHDers have some added road blocks in the way that makes sticking to a goal much harder.

I think a lot of ADHDers need to see progress that either we can see, or something that we can hold/touch. We all know what 'eating healthy' probably means, but if you were to draw a picture of that goal, what would it look like?

The goal also has to be very specific usually involving some kind of time frame. Using your eating healthy example, saying you'll eat a piece of fruit for lunch for two weeks is much more specfic, and has a 'time' attached to it. We don't do well with vague, open ended concepts.

08-21-08, 04:29 PM
any ideas to help with keeping on with goals? thats what im looking for

08-23-08, 08:23 PM
When you figure it out, let me know!!!! My dentist will thank you. LOL. (I have the same problem brushing my teeth more than once a day) Actually, he won't thank you because that's how he makes his living! Just think of it like that. We're helping support the dentistry industry (and libraries with our late fees)!

08-24-08, 01:54 AM
the best thing to do is to make a chart with your goals and mark off each time you do it. Make short term goals to reach your long term goals - and reward yourself for making the short term and long term goals.

Example: brushing teeth

Long term goal: Brush my teeth 3x per day, 7x per week
Then, break down the long term goal so you're not likely to fail:

Short term goal: brush my teeth 1x per day (wake up), 7 days per week
- once you've made this for 1 week, reward yourself, then:

Short Term Goal: Brush my teeth 2x per day (wake up & bedtime), 7 days per week
- once you've made the goal for 1 week, reward self, then:

Long Term Goal: Brush my teeth 3x per day (wake up, after lunch & bed time), 7 days per week
- once you've made this goal for 1 week, reward
- once you've made this goal for 2 weeks, reward
- once you've made this goal for 3 weeks, reward
etc etc etc. until you feel it's become a habit, routine for you

Breaking down the task and rewarding yourself for completing all parts is typically the best way to make goals and maintain them.

Good luck! It's not easy, but worth it!