View Full Version : Can you crush Metadate ER?

08-21-08, 07:25 PM
Hi! I was switched from Metadate ER from CD for 2 of my 3 ADHDers. The reason being, ER is covered on my script plan and CD is $60/month. With 3 kids, and myself taking these meds it was getting very costly. Anyway, the reason my girls switched to CD was that they were sprinkleable (is that a word??). I just opened the ER and noticed it is a tablet!! YIKES!!

So, does anyone know if I can crush the ER tab?

Thanks for your help!!


08-21-08, 08:04 PM
The definitive answer is no. A lot of the XR/ER medications are designed as capsules within capsules. You will be completely voiding the long term effects of the medication, and you will get the entire dose in one hit. Possibly causing more issues as the dose would be higher.

Now a...

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