View Full Version : Anyone combined guanfacine with psychostimulant treatment?

08-21-08, 09:47 PM
I'd be curious to hear reports, since I'm considering adding a couple of small doses of guanfacine to my dextroamphetamine regimen. Optimally, if the guanfacine worked the way I hope for, it would reduce certain side effects which I relate to adrenergic stimulation -- blood pressure increases, sweating, appetite suppression -- and reduce the rushed feeling I have; without compromising focus, mood, or motivation.

If it didn't work the way I hope for, it would reduce the positive effects of the dextroamphetamine as well as the negatives.

Alone, guanfacine has been more effective for reducing hyperactivity than improving attention. I am a pure inattentive, with no hyperactivity symptoms, but if the combination of d-amp and guanfacine works to my liking, it will basically be making the dextroamphetamine smoother, more like desoxyn, which is unavailable to me for cost reasons.

I'll probably get a chance to try it either this Monday or two weeks from then.

Any experiences?

08-26-08, 03:03 AM
I found clonidine to increase appetite and decrease sweating significantly more then tenex. Tenex has no effect on my appetite.


01-30-09, 04:12 AM
I'm thinking of requesting guanfacine from my doctor tomorrow. I have a co-morbid anxiety disorder that is exacerbated by my dexedrine (though only mildly so in comparison to other stimulants), and I'm hoping that guanfacine will help with some of the physical side-effects that my body is conditioned to read as panic. Having said that, I will say I'm at a loss as to what kind of dose I should be taking. Dexedrine already calms me down for the most part when I'm on it (it's more when it's leaving my system that I have problems), and I don't want to be utterly sedated. Nor do I want to lose any efficacy of the stimulant.


ADHD Ceilidh
04-26-10, 11:50 AM
I take 60 mg Vyvanse and 3 mg Intuniv daily. I am a new person... Well, not really new but a person I haven been since about age 8 or so as the anxiety created by my ADHD-C has really impacted my life since about that age. I'm now 34 and have a nearly anxity free life for the firs time since I can remember and it's nothing short of blissfull. YMMV but good luck.


03-28-14, 11:28 AM
Adderall and intuniv together is better than either separately because they are synergistic together and you don't need as much adderall to feel motivated, and you won't feel any adderall wear off or side effects. The intuniv side effect of low blood pressure must still be dealt with by drinking lots of water and no alcohol. Have as much caffeine as you want with the two, and if you have trouble sleeping, drink lots of water, and take a low dose melatonin. That is my regimen and it makes me a new person.