View Full Version : Is friend overmedicated?

08-23-08, 04:36 PM
A friend of mine is bipolar. He takes lithium, geoden, xanax, lamictal, adderall xr and prozac. He shakes like a leaf and is just very unemotional, lacking facial expressions, just like a zombie. I keep telling him to get a second opinion b/c the fact that he can't hold a fork w/o shaking scares me. I do not have bi-polar, just ADHD, and not sure if this is normal. Does anyone have any insight? TIA

08-23-08, 04:51 PM
The shakiness may be a potentially serious side effecit of the antipsychotic, he should talk to a doctor about it ASAP.


08-23-08, 05:48 PM
re: 1

I think you answered your own question.

Your friend is into some serious polypharmacy, IMNSHO.

A psychopharmacologist might be able to help sort out his meds.