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08-27-08, 09:20 PM
Google calendar is really cool. You can set it up to text your cell phone to remind you of things. I have to take meds 5 times a day, and could not reliably do that if it weren't for this service- and the service from google is free! (my favorite price.)

08-28-08, 03:56 PM
I love Google calendar! There are a couple articles on that you may find helpful as well. (I would like to them, but I forget whether or not we are allowed to post links in this forum.) There is a way to set it up so that your Google Calendar daily agenda is read to you over your voice mail. You can also integrate the calendar into your Gmail. With that, plus Remember the Milk, things are looking good these days.

Now, if only I could get all of that good information into my Palm z22. (I don't have Outlook.) Boo.

08-29-08, 03:08 AM
Thanks I'm going to check it out.

11-10-08, 07:43 PM
I can't live without it.