View Full Version : How is it normal to feel after hard strength training

09-01-08, 09:52 AM
How is it normal to feel after a strength training session, which is part of a regular program and not close to "overtraining".

(Same day and next few days)

-How is it normal to feel in the body (Effective strength training normally works by tearing down muscles)
-If one feels sore in the body, is it normal that the mind is affected.

09-03-08, 11:28 AM
This was meant to be a post with a poll, but it seems it has become a poll..Is that the way it works? (Nobody has replied)

09-03-08, 02:15 PM
Let's see if this reply gets posted. It's not a new poll, but it just showed up in my list of new posts. So I responded to the poll.

Right after I exercise, I feel pretty energized, both physically and mentally.

The next day is when I feel the soreness. Unless I've pulled a muscle or something of course.

09-04-08, 01:37 PM
Everybody is different and the exercisse you do should yield different results, but one thing should remain the same and that is the endorphine release in your brain. If you push yourself hard and get your heartrate pumping your brain loves that and will release pleasure endorphines, which can yield all kinds of cool results/effects. Of course if you train hard, you should be sore.

For me when I work out it helps me immensly with mental clarity! I have been treating my ADD for the last two years with consistent diet and exercise. It's only recently I have seeked a Doctor to have additional help with meds as well.

I honestly can not recommend enough that people with ADD get them selfs to the gym, because even though its hard at first, its more than worth it and you will get a boost of self confindence when the physical results start rolling in!