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09-06-08, 01:54 PM
I've only joined the forum today and posted up in the intro forum earlier, in doing so I mentioned I had Fibromyalgia but I didnt realise until panning down the forum (which I hadnt done before signing up and posting the intro) that this is considered a known cormobity (sp?) so I'm a little shocked and taken aback to say the least, in part because I thought I knew a lot about the co ops but clearly not lol

anyway I'm finding dealing with the fib ok ish, my immediate family are extremly supportive, husband is great. I am trying to learn to know my limits and work within them and accept that I just cant do what I used to.

The only real big issue I am finding a struggle to deal with at the moment is that I always used to fend of the mass mania in my head by keeping active, but this is something in the last few years I've been increasingly unable to do and its in fact this over and above everything else I've found most difficult. I had learned to cope with ADHD in my own way and now my own way is no longer workable.

So I guess my question to others here is........... did you encounter this? and how did you learn to overcome it?

I have started up cross stitch again which has always been a hobby of mine but theres only so much you can do lol

09-08-08, 02:01 PM
Have you done any painting or sketching? journal writing (in a real ink and paper book) or tried writing stories? Watercolors are cheap and easy to get set up with, and start dabbling, you already do cross stitch but maybe more "idle hand" hobbies, ones which make you think and let you play around, might stimulate your mind in other ways...just a thought, a suggestion, since I am not in your position.
You could also call the local nursing home, and ask if there is anyone who'd like to have their memoirs recorded. A cheap phone recorder, and a pen andpaperr or pc, and you could write people's life stories...I did this, it was amazing, some of the people I spoke with had had incredible lives and were now like I was at the time unable to be active, it was good for both of us

I had heart problems a few years ago and was bedbound for months, I thought I'd go crazy from the time spent inactive, and all of these things helped me very much. I don't know if this is the kind of thing you arer thinking of but I thought I'd reply to you and tell you my experience. I don't get manic but my thoughts...I was in a dark place and these things helped me out of it.

09-08-08, 02:36 PM
Thats a pretty cool idea, not something I wouldve thought off. Thanks :)

05-19-09, 10:25 AM
ive been to numerous sights that indicate add and fibro are related and that some persons have received help with there fibro and chronic fatique by taking stimulants.


do a ask query in the ask search engine :how do chronic fatique attention deficit and fibromyalgia correlate,? and look at what comes up

05-21-09, 06:46 AM

I just joined recently too. Actually I found this site by typing in ADHD and fibromyalgia together in Google. I just got diagnosed with ADHD (I didn't realize previously that adults could have it too although I realized I probably had it as a child) and the first day I took Adderrall I noticed that the fibromyalgia muscle pain disappeared for the first time in years although I didn't notice a huge difference in the ADHD symptoms. I've had fibromyalgia for many years but generally don't discuss it since I find doctors (and sometimes others) tend to treat fibromyalgia patients like hypochondriacs and dismiss any other physical issues one might have.

Anyway, I'm thrilled. I'm on 15 mg which my doctor said was a low dose to start. I am experiencing other side-effects (jaw clenching being the worst) and not a huge difference in concentration...but hope springs eternal and the unexpected side-effect of being pain free is such a bonus.

I know that they say fibromyalgia patients should exercise and that it will improve symptoms. I find it does improve general health and stamina but the fibromyalgia symtoms just keep going on and the exercise hurst. It is hard to get and stay motivated.

Good luck.