View Full Version : Dance Revolution

09-07-08, 07:34 AM
Any opinions?
Which product should i actually get?
How does it compare to WII Fit as investment in getting fit?

09-09-08, 11:53 AM
I have a wii fit but never tried the dance revolution game. I imagine the dance game would be good at keeping you active if you enjoy it and use it consistently...any activity you enjoy and can do consistently is good.

The wii fit is marketed more as a fitness tool and has some features that I don't think are included in the dance games such as tracking weight/fitness goals, bmi, body control (balance) and dates and times played. There is a variety of activities in wii fit, including step aerobics and rhythym boxing, but no dancing.

If you already own a wii the cost is similar for the fit and the dance game. If you do go with a dance game for exercise purposes I suggest the wii version (as opposed to playstation or xbox) as it includes arm movements as well as the dance pad.

Both can improve your coordination and fitness levels so it really is a matter of which one you prefer.

Thanks for bringing this up...I got my wii specifically for the wii fit and have been wondering which other games I should get and never even thought of the dance game. Since I already have the wii fit I will probably get the dance game in the future just to have more variety.