View Full Version : What are the best books to buy to help a teacher with a student that has adhd

concerned mom
03-16-04, 12:35 AM
My 7 1/2yr has adhd,odd,and dyslexia he is failing 2nd grade because he won't put any effort in any of his work. He was just diagnosed in Jan. His teacher says she has tried everything but nothing works with him and I was hoping that someone in here has found a book to help teachers ( that actually works)

I just bought the book Overcomming Underachieving so far.

03-16-04, 01:35 AM
There are soooooo many excellent books that have come out recently. I recommend first checking out the Books Forum here: Then I'd do some surfing on and search for "adhd," "adhd" and "teachers."

I taught for 6 years and actually left teaching BEFORE I was diagnosed as Inattentive Type. How's THAT for irony? lol! I'm happy to chat with you privately from the perspective of a teacher and an ADDer, if you'd like. Please feel free to PM me.