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09-11-08, 06:11 PM

I was recently diagnosed by my psychiatrist with mild ADD. I am in graduate school, so looked into if I have ADD since my grades were not what I hoped them to be, they were in barely passing range.

So far I have used dexadrine and now taking ritalin.

My first question is: I am 350 pounds so wondering if my weight means that I have to take more to feel the same effect that someone lighter would feel.

My second question is regarding dosage: I took the short lasting form of dexadrine and now taking short lasting form of ritalin. My doctor told me to take one pill a day, and increase by one pill until I felt it worked or there were undesirable side effects i.e. vomitting. I think this is how it is done since there is no way to find the perfect dosage for people since everyone's brain is different and reacts differently to the drugs.

What I found effective on the dexadrine was 5 of the 5mg tablets at one time, it gave me a great boost of energy.

On the Ritalin I heard that it was less potent than Dexadrine and right now I am on my third day of taking it so up to 3 pills. I feel an effect but not sure if it is as strong as an effect as the dexadrine.

Also on Dexadrine when I was coming off of the effects, I would feel lazier and more tired, also a little depressed. Started thinking how I wanted to get up and do stuff but couldn't because was tired so got depressed.

I read online that Ritalin has some negative side effects like depression and withdrawal but haven't experienced it yet.

Alright that is all for now, I'm glad there is a forum like this on the web.