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mADD mike
09-13-08, 03:01 PM
Okay, I've always liked writing poems, though I don't do it often. Most are written to my wife, and none have ever really been shared, other than with her. I got an urge to write one about ADD, and my poems only get written when inspiration comes. I usually write them very quickly, in a few minutes, once I start feeling it. I know that nobody can post replies here, but you can send me a pm if you like about it. I like feedback, good and bad.

Anyway, here goes:

The Garden

There's a garden called the earth
With billions of plants to see
Once they start growing
Nobody knows what they'll be

Some open wide
Blossoming to the sun
Some stay more closed
With few blossoms, maybe none

In the end we're all plants
We'll all be what we become
We all grow in different circumstances
Depending on where we come from

Those flowers that stay closed
Are like us with ADD
We have great potential
Which some of us will never see

We fight and fight to open
To blossom like everyone around
But the truth is that in most of us
That blossom just isn't found

But maybe we're just different
Looking at things in the wrong light
Because gardens are not made
Solely of flowers colored bright

We all have a role to fill
We can't all be flowers
Some gardens have lush grass, or beautiful bushes
Some have trees that stand like towers

Maybe we have a different purpose
With our own different beauty to behold
That doesn't make us any less a part
Of the garden that will unfold

Look inside yourself
Rather than comparing yourself with the rest
Because comparing yourself to others without ADD
Will keep you from becoming your own personal best

Maybe I'm just an ordinary green plant
But I grow beside a beautiful creek
Rather than envying those flowers
I can appreciate that I'm unique