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09-14-08, 08:25 AM
An exceptionally well-done piece from the Sacramento Bee, on adult ADHD. --Ducky


Adult ADHD: The moment of focus

A diagnosis of ADHD at age 37 propelled Cass Brown Capel onto the path of therapy, medication - and fulfillment

By Sam McManis -

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lunch rush was over, but distractions remained numerous inside the La Bou cafe just off Highway 49 in Auburn. Blenders whirred out smoothies every few minutes, laughter erupted from a nearby group, a young worker noisily cleared tables.

Yet, through it all, Cass Brown Capel stayed focused eyes locked on her interviewer, the need to interject random thoughts stifled, attention not straying to her daughter, Ariana, who was sitting placidly next to her.

You would have no inkling that Capel, a 54-year-old psychologist from Auburn, has been diagnosed with the adult version of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder since 1991.

That is, until you looked down at her hands, busy rolling and unrolling a paper soda straw wrapper between her thumb and index finger until it became a pulpy mess.

"I just like the way it feels," Capel says. "It's a habit."

It's such a habit, in fact, that Capel shows off a thick callous on the underside of the middle joint of her right thumb.

"They took an X-ray and turns out there's a bone spur here and here," she says, pointing to her thumb and tip of her index finger. "I'm always moving. If it's not this, it's foot wiggling."

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09-14-08, 04:56 PM
Adds Cass: "Back then, John would ask me, 'Were you a hyper kid?' I'd say, 'No, why?' Two months later, he'd ask again. I told him my mom yelled a lot. He asked what she yelled every day. I told him it was, 'Why can't you sit down and shut up?' I was driving her crazy."

Great article. This statement demonstrates how adults with ADHD and professionals making a disagnosis may be confused about the definition of hyperactivity in ADHD and whether or not patients were hyperactive as children, especially girls.