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09-15-08, 07:15 PM
Is this available in Michigan? I have severe adhd and have been on practically every medication. This just seems like my answer. I'm about to lose another job, like within the next day or two, because of focusing issues, procrastination, distractability, etc. I do not want to hop from job to job every couple of months. And this job is a really good one. Paying the bills while I go to school. I asked my doctor about this one last time I had an appt. And he said he never heard of it but said he was willing to try it because of the severity of my symptoms and that it was pretty much messing up every part of my life. But he looked it up in this little palm pilot looking thing he had and said it didn't show up and that means it's not legal to prescribe it in the u.s. anymore. I have an appt. tomorrow to see what we can do. So does anybody know 1) if this is still prescribed and 2) if it is, do u have any clue why it wouldn't show up in whatever doctor medication program he had on his handheld. I appreciate all responses. I'm so tired of this ruining everything. I am a hard worker, will work 90-95 hour weeks without any complaint. I'm tired of adhd screwing up my life. I can barely pass a class to save my life yet have an iq of 140. Ok, I guess I'm done ranting now. I'll post this so hopefully I can get some kind of answer by tomorrow afternoon. Thank you.

09-16-08, 06:00 PM
In short, yes it is available anywhere in the US.

Keep in mind, methamphetamine is not a miracle drug; it is simply more centrally acting than dexedrine, and has fewer side-effects. It is also somewhat more neurotoxic than dexedrine/adderall, as it releases dopamine at even the lower dosages.

Any respectable doctor will also have a PDR, so even if it is not on his hand-held device, he should be able to find it. However, many physicians cannot get past the stigma of prescribing methamphetamine. It is worth a try, but it is also quite expensive.

The point is, desoxyn is far from a "cure", but again, it is worth a try...