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09-16-08, 12:19 PM
This is SO important to managing ADHD - why is it so far down the list of forums?

When I joined a couple of years ago, the amount of information and number of forums were overwhelming to read through, and frankly I gave up after getting only part way through the first few on the main forum list.

Had I had more time to keep going, or maybe had the Nutrition forum been higher up on the list, I would have found the information two years ago that made all the difference for my ADHD son.

So I wonder if you would consider putting the forum near the top as I think diet can so quickly and easily be the first thing you can try for ADHD.

Thanks for reading.

Grey Kameleon
09-16-08, 12:59 PM
I agree. I don't know how connected ADHD is to diet, but diet definitely has an effect on mood and energy level. It is also one of the most frequently overlooked issues.

09-16-08, 01:47 PM
I also agree. Although I'm currently trying my 3rd medication for this, I'm finding that exercise provides fairly rapid and noticeable improvement for symptoms.

I didn't embark on exercise with that goal in mind. I did it for general health reasons. But then I saw all the postings about it and realized it was making more impact than anything.

It's hard to know what's "most important" for everyone who gets on here. And there IS a ton of stuff on here. You are right that it could be more prominent on here -- it takes one more click to get to exercise than it does to Tourettes.

09-16-08, 08:19 PM
From my perspective I agree as well.

There are many important factors involved in ADHD, and nutrition is one of them.

Diet made many improvements for my son. He became enjoyable to be around when we changed his diet.

If I could just get my butt back into exercising I'd probably tout exercise as well. But what can I say I'm in a slump. I need an exercise intervention.:)

09-16-08, 10:11 PM
Out of curiosity what should be at the bottom? .

I am decently sure areas toward the top are the ones applicable to all members and the ones that need to be the easiest to find - example guidelines, this area, followed by new member introduction and news about ADD as a condition. These area are applicable to all members.

This is followed by the section that are applicable to most but not necessarily all members - most people here are going to be ADD - which is why general ADD comes before adults with ADD - The sections also seem to be grouped together with sections applicable within that group.

Adults with ADD - non-ADD spouses , relationships and then careers- area applicable to adults with ADD.

It would not make sense to have diet therapy up next to new member introductions nor would make much sense under the guidelines. Okay that is NOT where I would go to look for dietary approaches to ADD treatment

Seeing that some of our members use it as a means of ADD treatment it makes the most sense under the category designated for ADD treatments. Not as many ADDF members use diet to treat their ADD as compared to medications which is why medications come first. If diet had been more sought after than information on medications then I am sure the order would have been reversed

While I feel reasonably sure the information is in order of application beginning at the greatest and moving to specific.

I am also betting some of it has to do with the order in which the section was created.

The front page of this forum is in out line form - The topic of ADD management and treatments - has the subsections listed - medications, coaching, counseling, exercise and nutrition, meditation and spirituality, then misc treatments and approaches. All areas offered and their subsections are easily viewable from the front page.

I am not sure exactly why the order is as it is because a lot of was already done when I became a member here years ago but this is a educated guess.

09-17-08, 01:05 AM
Since we don't know how it's organized, it's pointless to guess. I'm sure someone knows. To a mind like mine, it really wouldn't matter since I jump all over the place anyway. I discover something new almost every time I sign on.

It would throw a bunch of us off if it were reorganized, so it might be best to not worry about it. If you spend enough time here, you find what you need.

09-22-08, 09:23 AM
From my perspective I agree as well.

There are many important factors involved in ADHD, and nutrition is one of them.

Diet made many improvements for my son. He became enjoyable to be around when we changed his diet.Are the diet changes helping him in school?

09-22-08, 08:52 PM
Yes, they do help him in school with his hyperactivity, impulsivity.
He was not able to learn letters or sing the alphabet song. Two weeks after diet he started sounding out words.

He is still not at grade level with reading. Grade level would be 16 on the DIBS reading test. He is a 14 for comprehension and a 12 for fluency.

So far he does fine in math. His handwriting needs improvement.

It does help him in school. Things might not be perfect, but they aren't bad either.