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Louder Than Love
09-16-08, 01:27 PM

My doc wanted to put me on something sustained release for my pain, he still kept me on my Percocet™, but wanted to just try something else.

It's a really good thing he didnt take my percocet away.

This Kadian™ ( extended Release Morphine Sulfate ) is a JOKE.

he started at 10mg's BID, i was like WOW! Morphine! YAY!
Took it.... waited 4 hours, nothing, 6 hours... nothing..

tried again the next day... nothing.

called him. he said to double the dose. still nothing...

called again, DOUBLE that dose. and come in.

So he wrote me the 30 mg. nothing, Double that...
Now at a total of 180 mg's a day. im at an opiate tolerant dosage.
and all im getting is a dry mouth, NO pain relief, still having to eat 5-7 percocet a day.

This has him and I both amazingly amazed.
We have both heard of a morphine immunity in some people, but that makes no sense with me.
How would Hydromorphone ( Dilaudid ) work, it's morphine, just concentrated. with a slightly, only slightly different chemical make-up.

I'm wondering, Is this a placebo doctors are using to weed out junkies?

10-03-08, 12:14 AM
Ask for a different brand of MS (morphine sulfate)?

Dilaudid wears off fastest among the opiates. I'd avoid it, myself.

1. Have you tried Lyrica, the new FM drug?
2. Have you tried TrP injections?

Louder Than Love
10-05-08, 04:14 AM
Ive recently tried lyrica, and it just makes too lethargic, It works VERY well, but unfortunately the side effects arent worth it to me, When i take my pain meds, I do it so i can accomplish other things OUT of pain, and nothing else( less staight up morphine, occasionally Demerol, and Stadol ) makes me that sleepy, and out of it.

The Kadian, I know now, it's anti-abuse maufacturing that makes it almost impossible to get anything from. doc told me I was just metabolising it way too quickly. took me off anything XR, and gave me 6 percocet 10 a day. Every 3-4 hours PRN.