View Full Version : ADD Chip dip... heh

04-04-03, 01:35 AM
1 Stick of cream cheeze
1 can of refried beans
1 jar of salsa
1 bag of shreded taco or whatever cheeze

mix and heat in microwave. I found the easiest way to do this is to put the cream cheeze and salsa in first, heat it up so the salsa helps to melt the cream cheeze, then add in the refried beans. Then just add cheeze till it's as thick as you like (will thicken when cooler)

Eat it hot, cold, whatever.. I like mine hot so I just keep reheating in the nuker..

04-04-03, 10:32 AM
Wow.. This sounds delicious.

I think I'll make that this weekend for my snack hounds. :D

Ty Dark Hound

04-05-03, 12:53 AM
mmmm.......sounds good