View Full Version : How do you get through an injury... without going crazy?

09-18-08, 07:37 AM
Good Morning,

I'm a "newbie" to ADHD Forums, and am thankful for the "Exercise" threads that have been posted. Here goes with my first contribution:

My diagnosis came within the last year, and it has shed tons of light on the changing tones of my marriage, other relationships, etc. Last spring, tired of spending all my time at the home-based business, I decided to revisit an old hobby -- running!

Well, I found an excellent local group that did easy runs on Mondays and track workouts on Wednesdays. You can take part "just because," or to help train for road racing. I chose the latter path; it's been very cool for most of the time, but almost addictive at others. I haven't run this hard for more than 20 years, and found myself finishing in the top 25 in every race I ran. I've worked hard to get to this spot, and it's truly helped me to re-shape my self-concept.

A couple of weeks ago, I went down to the Maine Coast with four running partners to practice a half-marathon course. I'd run a race almost this long earlier in the year, and did just fine. What I didn't think of, though, is that I'd run three five-mile races just before this, three weeks in a row, and was now asking my 49-year-old body to really step-up the mileage -- RIGHT NOW!

Part-way through THIS run, I tore a calf muscle, and finished that outing in pain. I went for some physical therapy, and learned that with aggressive rehab, it would take two weeks to heal the leg and get back where I was. Good news, right? Well, my "not neurotypical" self is going CRAZY about this. I'm really bummed that I can't run hard enough yet to get an endorphin rush... and for some reason, I think I can't hook-up with all of my new running acquaintances, unless we're out on the road together.

- - - - - - - - - -

If anyone has thoughts about this story, I'd surely appreciate knowing about them! This running thing has been very good in some ways, but my attitude toward it may need a little adjustment. Not being "out there" is driving me crazy, and that's bleeding over into other areas of my life -- including distraction at work, and trouble being fully present for my wife.

I know I can take responsibility for turning this around... and guess I just need a little support.Thanks, and take care...