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09-19-08, 05:50 AM
My therapist has recommended that I do EMDR and I am curious as to whether anyone out there has done this? She said it has gained in acceptance as a valid treatment for trauma.

The trauma in my case would be the severe abuse I suffered as a child which was many (many :)) years ago. I have made great steps in getting on with life and when we decided to move back near our families I thought I had gained enough in strength, self-confidence, etc. to cope. Sadly, that has not turned out to be the case. I am learning A LOT, again, about myself and my quirks, but am saddened that I can still be almost paralyzed just being near my family.. It is also wreaking havoc on my relationships with my in-laws...just the idea of family brings out a lot of very negative behaviours and feelings.

It is amazing that I lived for 17 years feeling confident, liking myself, starting a family and being strong enough to take on another culture and fight for my son's rights in another country and language, constantly learning new and interesting things...and basically just feeling good about who I was. I move back to the US and within just a few months found myself battling a depression and anxiety level that I can only compare to that in my late teens and early 20's.

I sure would like to find "me" again and if EMDR would help in that process I would consider it. It would be interesting to hear anyone else's experiences with this program.

09-25-08, 07:15 PM
As I've said before, my personal experience is that it does work.

However, like anything else, there's nothing that works for everyone/all the time.

The technique seems to have changed sionce I went thru it approx. 17 yrs ago, but the track record is a positive one.

I hope that whatever you decide to do will work for you.

I hold you in very high esteem and will be thinking of you.




09-26-08, 09:25 AM
Thank you, Robert. I see my therapist again today and we will discuss it further. She was going to follow up on a therapist she knows who does EMDR and, of course, I'll have to see if my insurance covers it, or if I have to jump through hoops.

One thing she said was that one needed to be "ego strong" to do this and I hope I have enough ego left intact, but I guess if I was strong enough at 19 to run, run, run (well, maybe it was more like crawling, but you get the picture) and get help without any support, I ought to be able to face this, too.