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09-20-08, 05:01 PM
yesterday i was diagnosed with add/adhd. just took my vyvanse 60mg. and cant tell a difference when doing my work. i live in a house with alot of noise. i have a handicaped broth with a mind of a 4 year old so its really hard to get sum peace and quiet. im 17 and all my life i grew up with an alcoholic dad constient arguing for no reason breaking stuff hitting my mom and its taking a toll on me now he is sober for good i hope i called the cops on him for throwing me down and chocking me. i have many problems now from al the 5hit thats happened over the years. social phobia self medicating on drugs etc. server depression g.a.d. school work is so hard ill start working on it and get so distracted and start thing bout other stuff, i get so frustrated start sweating so bad and just get so anger. its so hard and i dont know wat to do. i can barly go to school when i only go twice a month. my social phobia/anxiety is so bad i just start sweating when im around people at school shacking and start thing ppl are talking about me for no reason. im very self consious. and i just hate this because i wanna get a job but im just to scared 17 years old. i feel like this is gonna screw up my entire life and end up just living by myself or with my parents

p.s if i wrote this in the wrong fourm let me know where to move it to. thanks

09-24-08, 12:00 AM
have you noticed a difference in the past several days with Vyvanse?

It usually takes time to reach your optimal dose (through titration - a gradual increase in dosage) and you may not notice a big difference yet.

09-24-08, 12:30 AM
yep im more social with my family and wanting to go in store's wearing my pj's lol . more self confidence better mood focus attention so overall yes and i hope it gets better but im supossed to take 30mg by my doc but that wasn't helping so i took 60mg and it seems to help. but he only gave me 30 30mg and makes an appointment a month away i dont think he's a good phyciatrest(my spelling is horrible) the appointment a month a way doesnt seem right does it