View Full Version : Circuit classes - try one!

09-25-08, 06:03 PM
I am teaching my second circuit class at our local YMCA/YWCA tonight - sort of a new thing for me (my previous experience is in teaching martial arts classes and personal training). I just wanted to recommend this type of class to my ADHD/ADD cohorts on the forums. It is ideal for people with short attention spans because you only have to do each exercise for 30-60 seconds. I had a wide range of participants last week, from 18-y.o. females to a 65-y.o. man, and they all seemed to enjoy it.

Just a suggestion for those people looking for exercise options. Fitness classes used to be mostly the domain of middle-aged women, but they are becoming much more varied. A circuit class offers a full cardio and resistance workout in less than an hour; the participants choose the resistance (weight) and how intensely they want to push themselves, so it is ideal for people of different fitness levels.

Check out your local Y. No one cares how fit you are or if you have the latest fashionable exercise wear - if you own clean sneakers and comfortable clothes, you are ready to start your exercise program. Exercise is the one treatment option that will benefit anyone.