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09-27-08, 02:56 AM
Hi Everyone,

So after somewhat careful deliberation this evening, I walked out of bestbuy with a great deal on a Toshiba laptop which I'm currently using as I type because I've just been in complete dire straits since my first and most beloved IBM ThinkPad kicked the bucket on me after 5 solid years of service.

So anyways, my question y'all is .. who owns a sexy Macbook? How do you like it? Are you a student? Do you have any regrets? Is it the best thing you've ever owned? Would you trade it for a PC if you could? I'm not gonna lie, I'm seriously lusting after one at the moment, and their advertising doesn't help my situation much .. I feel like a 12 year old kid with a boner in his pants every time I walk by the apple store!!

I figure fellow ADDers out there could help shed some light on reasons why they love their mac, and YES, it MUST be a laptop, and it will be only used for web-browsing, loading iPod, and doing school work/taking lecture notes.


09-27-08, 08:36 PM
I say save your money and go with Windows laptop. We may have Mac personalities, but PC still the boss in the real world.

09-27-08, 11:04 PM
I love my mac and will never buy a PC again. It's amazing. it's so user friendly, there is a steady increase of programs that are becoming mac compatible.

Ever since I switched over (about 1.5 years ago) there is not one thing I miss about a PC.
I had so many problems with PCs. they'd get viruses, I was always having problems with start up and would have to push buttons for it to complete start up (not just on 1 PC, but all that I owned).

They were as slow as molasses, even with only using up 1/2 of the RAM. I have 1/2 of the RAM used up on my mac and it's as fast as it was when I got it brand new.

I love how I can customize it and the search engine is a bizillion times better than on a PC. We also have "spotlight" which is so amazing. I can use it to search my computer, be a calculator, search my emails, check my calendar appointments . etc.

We also have "spaces" which helps organize the windows you have open so you can easily access them.

i love my mac and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new computer :)

oh, and I'm not a student. At first I had to switch to a mac, 'cause that's what we use at work, but now, will never buy anything but a mac.

09-28-08, 12:28 AM
ROFL!!! (...12 year old...)

When I was a 12 yr old, that is not what caused that to happen. I know it's a different world now.

Anyway... I've used both Mac's and "PC's". My experience was that overall the Mac's were just less hassle. But I'm a bit of a geek so it's just part of the deal.

09-28-08, 04:56 AM
Iīm a total Mac-fan since I switched four years ago. i donīt think I can go back.
The esthetics and the simplicity is really good for me since I am a very visual person, I like to think in pictures and symbols. Itīs just great.

09-29-08, 01:49 AM
I scoffed at macs since they first appeared. They seemed like toys. I had been a PC user since they first came out. I finally got fed up with spending $4,000 on a top-of-the-line multicpu pc with a huge video card and not being able to find a single video editing program that worked properly (aside from, ironically, Apple's quicktime pro). I had somehow bought the wrong expensive video card and was royally angry. Over the years I've been beset by problems with windows software and third party software crashing and not working well together.

My retired dad never had a computer ever until he turned 60. Then he started buying macs. He and my mother were COMPLETE computer novices. He has gone through several macs over the past 15 years. He travels with a macbook (and predecessors) and is always able to send me pictures, video, etc from wherever he is. I had miserable luck over the years getting video to work on the pcs I bought. There was no way to know which particular hardware configuration would work for some of the 'fussy' packages out there. I started to covet my computer illiterate father's computers.

I gritted my teeth, paid the extra money and bought a macbook two years ago. Now you would have to pry it out of my hands. Everything just works. You plug stuff in, it works. The built in camera worked right away and I was video chatting in a few minutes. It just 'feels' right and is very well designed.

My wife bought an inexpensive laptop and it took me 3 days to get 'Vista' to work with an XP computer in our house which included making insane adjustments to the wireless router. The MAC connected immediately to both with no problem.

I was a computer programmer for 30 years, so I knew what I was doing. My new job requires I make video, audio, powerpoint presentations and the mac was perfect right out of the box. The ONLY extra software I bought was Microsoft Office (required). So far, the Microsoft office programs are the ONLY ones that crash on my macbook. Somehow, buying a mac wasn't quite enough to get me away from microsofts wobbly software while still lining someones pockets.

I work at an office that is running XP servers and it took several months for the IT people to get VISTA laptops working on the windows XP servers.

Woops, was this a rant?

03-19-09, 12:24 PM
I bought my Macbook Oct. 08 and love it. I have a PC and will not use it. I am waiting to get enough money to by a Mac Desktop. I love it and will never go back. My sister has change over to Mac too. She looked into the investment and it was worth it.

03-19-09, 03:01 PM
Hmmm, let's see.. the first computer I ever used was at a military base where my father worked... he took me to work late one night and taught me how to punch tiny holes into cards... feed these into a big reader, and... WALLA! green-lettered words and code on the screen! "Welcome to Red Rock Arsenal":eek:

I felt like a spy or something... and thought I might have gotten my dad into trouble... who was this redrock guy and did he expect me to reply now?:confused:

Not sure how old I was... maybe 10 or 11?

In High School, I took one algebra class.. got a B... the resolved never to take another... so I signed up for "Computer Math".. we used Olivetti and Monroe "computers", writing in Fortran.

The first home computer I ever used was a Timex Sinclair:p

Years later, and at a cost of around $3,000.00, my wife and I got a Gateway computer (I could have spent a bit more and got one of those new-fangled Pentium machines, but felt like we didn't need such a big fancy computer:rolleyes: ).

I've used Windows-based and Mac-based computers since the 90's.

My preference is a Mac.
I actually enjoyed the days of DOS, but I can't stand the windows computers at work anymore... I really do hate them!:mad:

I love my macbook... my daughter loves her macbook:D

I got in early with BootCamp and put W98 on my macbook, but after a while I dumped it.
Maybe someday I'll make a multi-OS machine again... maybe not.

I haven't gravitated to Leopard yet.
I use the Adobe Creator's Suite of software for fun, now that I am no longer in computer science at school.
I use several music recording and manipulation software.
I play around with video too.

Basically, the mac does everything I want... it feels easier to me than any windows machine I have ever used.
I love all the software out there (sourceforge is my bestest friend!:D ), and I am very happy with being able to connect my Touch to my Book.

Someday I hope to put Applescript to better use.
I also hope to explore Linux more someday, but I'm going to put that on a 'PC' first and kick it around for a while.

Since my daughter and I are/have been college students here in California, we got really good deals on both of our macbooks at the university bookstore.

I've replaced my original harddrive with a bigger one, then took the old one and stuck it into a case to be an external storage device.

The programs I use mostly on my macbook are:

NeoOffice - for word processing (my daughter uses OpenOffice) - free

Thunderbird - for email (I have my yahoo and google mail accounts routed through this) - free

iTunes - music player

Adium - Chat - free
Camino is my main browser, although I do use Firefox, Opera, and still have Safari onboard(although I haven't used Safari in ages). all were free

The Adobe products I keep close at hand are: PS, AI, FL (purchased as a student at a nice cheap price)

Other fun stuff I use...
Blender - haven't used it much yet.. no time! free
VisualHub - free
Audacity - free
Sibelius5 - again.. student pricing
Audio Hijack Pro (I still have the original Audio Hijack) - original was free, Pro was cheap

Senuti - can't remember, but I may have paid for this?

Vyzex Pocket POD - free

ASD (Amazing Slow Downer) - the demo was free but limited, so I bought the full version and it was pretty cheap

HandBrake - free

SWF & FLV Player - free

ffmpegX - free

VLC -free

MacTheRipper - free


Some other programs I have that I either haven't used yet or just very, very little....

Reaper - free but too much stuff to sort through until I find some extra time.. or maybe devote one solid week to it just to learn how to get started... of course that means.. no eating, no sleeping, no contact with other humans...:p

Adobe - AfterEffects, DreamWeaver
Gimp (I actually used this some when I had W98 installed with BootCamp)
MacPython (Python for mac)
Pencil (my daughter uses that one)
SuperDuper (I used it once when swapping harddrives)

Basically... anything I want to do on a Mac... I can!
I can also find loads of free software to help me out with projects and so far I haven't been bitten by any malware, bugs, viruses.... not that a mac is 100% tamper proof... I just haven't had ANY problems in all these years.. where people I know with windows machines have had at least one issue with viruses

I know I can purchase a windows-based computer cheaper... but there are just too many issues that make my computing experience a really bad one with them.

Linux is still calling to me though... :p ... and someday I will explore that OS (been looking into Ubuntu) in a more serious way.
But I can't see Linux replacing OSX in my life.

03-19-09, 04:30 PM

hmmmm . . can you tell me more about Mac the Ripper, please?

Does it work well? easy to use?

Also, would you please tell me what the other software you have is for?

(I'm curious and interested what other fun things I can do with my mac)

Thanks! :)

03-19-09, 05:09 PM
I figure fellow ADDers out there could help shed some light on reasons why they love their mac, and YES, it MUST be a laptop, and it will be only used for web-browsing, loading iPod, and doing school work/taking lecture notes.


why I find my MBP (macbook pro 15') the most useful thing I have ever owned:

- it runs everything that I ever need. Maybe you should consider that I never game, and I have heard some ppl say that "there's more games for the pc" as the only reason they stick with windows.
But for me it does everything. I am a computer programmer, so I use it for that. Netbeans Java IDE, BBEdit, 0xED, Eclipse, dozens of other tools. Cyberduck FTP.
I use it to create music with, and video's. Garageband and Final Cut are amazing. Even the included iMovie is very useful.
I do other graphics stuff on it - blender, photoshop/Gimp, whatnot. Sync ipod. Edit sound with Audacity. Skitch is maybe the most useful app ever.

- it behaves orders of magnitude better than any Windows system I've seen re. crashes, lockups.

- no viruses. No adware. No malware. No BS.

- I feel taken seriously by the ones who design it - in contrast to Windows, the designers of whom I have the persistent idea with that they designed it for some whole other class of beings. Maybe that says something about me instead of Windows; I have not figured that out yet.

- the incredible attention to detail - both in how good and together and balanced and well thought-out everything looks, as in functionality. I still experience new "heyyy THAT's cool!" - moments, even though I've been using it for two full years now nearly every day.

- the MBP touchpad. I'd never think I could get used to one of those things, but I never use a mouse anymore.

- I am reminded of this every time I need to put some free utility on someone's windows pc: the majority of mac osx programs you find on the internet is being presented in a honest way. I mean, with Windows, I usually have to install something before I discover that it a) is a crippled useless version of a paid app - b) is maybe doing something vaguely reminiscent of what it promised to do, but that is so well hidden under it's main functionality of "annoying people" (ie., marketing) that it renders it useless, especially for ADD'ers - c) does not work at all.
Due to this, on windows, I am wasting vast amounts of time downloading useless junk and uninstalling it again. On a mac, this plague does exist too, but much, much less.
Actually, the system that I love best is Debian's apt repository. Free and honest stuff, one command line entry and it's installed. That is how good life can be without Windows.

- I get things done on a mac. On windows, what I want to do is made impossible because the system and/or the software is incapable, because it wastes my time ("Press any key to continue or any other key to quit") or because it spoils my mood so much that I just leave it. I've used Linux (mainly debian) a lot and I loved it too - the only problem with it being that I tend to spend all my time playing with the system itself, keeping it up to date, trying out things. On a mac, I merely do what I wanted in the first place.

See, the usual arguments ppl have for getting a mac - that "it looks so good"; or that it's snazzy, or hoopy, or what other adjectives have you - are entirely secondary. What matters to me is that it works. Computers are tools, and tools are to get things done.

I don't want to waste my time working with bad tools; it is too precious for that.

03-19-09, 05:32 PM
can you tell me more about Mac the Ripper, please?
it is a tool to get the video content of a DVD

Does it work well?

easy to use?

Also, would you please tell me what the other software you have is for?

this is what I mainly use .. there's dozens of other ones, but this is the 20% that I use 80% of the time ...

- Adium (free) multi protocol IM chat
- Safari (included) and Firefox (free) browsers - sometimes, Camino
- Cyberduck (free) FTP, SFTP etc
- Taco (older version is free) amazing html / php editor with preview .. looks simple, but works great
- the usual IDE's Netbeans, Eclipse - available on all platforms
- BBEdit (paid) feature rich text editor
- NeoOffice / OpenOffice (free) - office apps (compatible with M$ formats)
- Inkscape (free) - vector drawing tool
- Gimp (free) - photo (bitmap) editing / drawing
- Audacity (free) audio editor
- Blender (free) 3D modelling
- Artrage (paid) paint/pastel/etc simulator
- Skitch (free) - image capture & edit & publish & link
- Hesperides (free) - Sindarin dictionary app
- XML Nanny (free) - xml validator / editor
- VNC (free) video player
- Final Cut Express (paid) video editing
- Fugu (free) two-pane FTP / SFTP client
- Skype (free) voip

included in OSX:
- Garageband - multi track music editor / synthesizer / recorder / effect box
- iMovie - video editor
- iDVD - DVD mastering
- Mail - mail

03-20-09, 03:42 PM
I'm going to have to check out Skitch!:D

I have to correct something... Reaper.. I haven't looked at it for a little while and today realized it is a windows program which I used with Parallels until I took all my windows software off.

MacTheRipper is just what Luthien says.
It's easy to use... or easy to screw up if you aren't familiar with formats - both what you are trying to rip and what you are trying to convert to.

It's not supported anymore that I know of.. hasn't been for a few years now.

One thing I really like about it... I can rip only certain elements from a dvd.
This can be video or sound.
Some DVD's will be broken up into chapters... if you only want a certain chapter and have an idea where in the time sequence it is.. with practice and some repeated effort you can capture just that part.
I'm not talking about pulling off a few seconds in the middle of a chapter or a screenshot, but a whole chapter.

Say you want to rip some video but you do not want the opening credits... by looking at the various chapters, you can usually leave off what you do not want.

Other tools to rip/copy/convert for audio and video...

Handbrake - video -
AudioHijack - audio straight from your browser or other audio source -
Audacity - audio -
ffmpeg - audio & video -

and the installed mac stuff of course.

Senuti - to transfer files from an iPod to another drive -

I think I forgot to mention SuperDuper! - to duplicate hard drives -

Sometimes you will add a program... like ffmpeg... and realize you need additional script or software to be able to use it properly.
for ffmpeg you need things like LAME, and a couple of others.

I have taken to storing the .dmg in a special .dmg file so I don't have to go back online to find them should I ever accidently delete the program, it's plist, or other important files (yep... I get on a kick sometimes and go screaming through my computer trashing files I think I no longer 'need' :rolleyes:... my daughter just laughs at me when things come crashing down around me!:eek::D)... although I'm learning to curb my enthusiasm for that as time goes on and I tire of fixing things all over again!:mad:

If you use Firefox or Opera, you can get some pretty cool apps that work exclusively through those browsers.

For Firefox, I have Download Helper, GreaseMonkey, Adblock
For Opera, I have a few widgets... true html editor, Artist's Sketchbook, and Asteroids (the game).
Camino doesn't have any apps or widgets that I am aware of.

03-20-09, 08:49 PM
I've been using Firefox for a while - I love it! I also use skitch - another fun, free program.

Thanks for all the software info!

03-22-09, 09:47 PM
I've been on PC my entire life (who hasn't?) but remember our oooolllld Mac back in '95. It had a floppy disk you had to place the CD into, then you could insert the CD into the computer. Problem was the disk drive was broken and if you put anything in it, it just fell into the computer and sat there. Lol.

I've been lusting after a Mac too babe, so don't feel too bad! I've just gotta get a job and save up gobs of money so I can get a nice one. :) If you're gonna save and spend on and spend big! Am I wrong? Lol. I've also got to convince DH to let me save some money from our actual budget instead of just the measly $50/month we both get now for allownace. *eye roll*

03-23-09, 12:38 AM
If you're going to buy a mac Kettish, do it while you are still a student... really good pricing through some schools.

I got mine at our local university bookstore since our college bookstore didn't carry them.
I got a good deal and they had done a few things like bumped the memory already, and other nice things.

A year later when I got one for my daughter (as a 'starting high school' present), the same bookstore still offered a great deal, plus she got a nice printer with hers!

They did cost me around $1200 each, if I remember correctly, but I still think it was worth it.:D

04-22-09, 04:56 PM
Just saw this thread. I'm a big Mac user. I have a 13in Macbook at home which is my main personal computer. It's reasonably new, has a 2.2ghz Core 2 Duo. I bumped up the RAM to 4GB. I replaced the lamo 100GB disk drive and replaced it with a 320GB drive. I'm running Leopard (OS 10.5.6). This laptop works great.

BTW - I bought the thing from BestBuy as an open box item. It was marked down about $200. I had an issue with the display shortly after buying the thing. Apple overnighted it for repair and overnighted it back to me. I had it back in 3 days after taking it to the Apple Store.

I use iTunes, iPhoto, and most of the time. I have many of the apps that folks have listed in this thread, including Mac Office 2008. I use handbrake alot to rip DVD's to something that will go on my iPhone/iPods.

I used to be a programmer, but have only done very little Mac programming.

BTW - I am building a PC, just for the heck of it. I'm going to play with Windows 7. Have heard it might be the first Windows OS that might tempt me away from my Mac.

My job involves Mac development which is a blessing. My work Mac is a new MacBook Pro. Wonderful laptop. At work I use Camino as my main browser. I have taken a liking to the Shiira browser. Has a unique way of displaying tabbed windows. At work I use MS Entourage for email. (connected to Exchange) I heavily use the Omni applications.

- Outliner - kick butt outline application. If your ADHD brain loves outlines and lists, this application will quickly become one of your favorites.
- Graffle - think Visio on Mac.
- OmniPlan - think of MS Project on Mac

Excellent applications.

05-19-09, 10:31 PM
This thread lacks a PC rant, so I will happily provide one!

1. First off, price. Currently, I'm looking at buying a laptop (by some brand named Sager. It's kinda offbrand but I'm a techie so I won't mind that). Anyway, it's 15 inches and I have it configured so that it is, as far as hardware is concerned, equal, and in some departments, better than, a 15 inch macbook pro. The computer I'm looking at is $1100. I tried configuring a macbook pro to similar specs (I gave it the benefit of the doubt and in some aspects this configuration is less powerful, ie the resolution is higher on the PC I'm looking at, and the processor is better, and has some neat things like an HDMI port). Anyway, I forgot exactly what the number was, but it was something like $2400. That's more than DOUBLE the price for a LESS POWERFUL laptop! I don't get it!

2. "Macs just work...except for when they don't". I can't tell you how many times I've had to figure out some issue because somebody's mac is being stupid (once again, techie, so I tend to jump when somebody has a computer issue). There always seems to be compatibility issues with everything. Also, I can't tell you how easily those things break. They are just really poorly built. I've dropped my 3 year old Dell Inspiron 6400 at least 50 someodd times, and besides the hinges being weaker (which my warrenty covers, just gotta wait until school year ends so I can send it in), it works perfectly fine. Also, for those who wish to say that macs lack viruses, and don't freeze or crash, are straight up wrong! There are, in fact, viruses for the Mac (although admittably less of them), and Apple suggests using MULTIPLE antiviruses (which, if you know anything, then you'd know this slows down your system and causes issues). Freezing? My sister's Macbook has to be constantly cold-booted due to a perpetual pinwheel. In my experience I recieve far less complaints from people with PCs than with Macs.

3. The trackpad, and the Apple button. The one-button system, assuming you don't have a mouse plugged in, is by far the most annoying thing I have ever come across. I need to go out of my way and hit Ctrl just to bring up a context menu? I LIVE on context menus! No right click button is just a huge hassle and annoyance in my opinion. Also, the use of the Apple button instead of the Ctrl button for most keyboard shortcuts is awkward to my hands, and I always have to contort my hand into some unnatural weird position when trying to fix something or otherwise do something on my sister's mac.

I get this said to me a lot, yet I have yet to lose such an argument. iMovie? Windows Movie Maker. iPhoto? Windows Photo Gallery. Video chats? Most PC laptops come with webcams, and some brand-names like Dell come with an iChat-like application for 4-way chatting! Spotlight search? Vista comes with a quick-search feature! Spaces? (Although I know very few mac owners who know and utilize this feature) There are scores of freeware desktop managment software for the PC. I couldn't live without it! Time Machine? Windows has had similar backup features for a long time...just not as flashy. Works out of the box? Mazel tov, you saved a precious hour of downloading and installing stuff! Totally worth the extra several hundred to thousands of dollars on that flashy new Mac!

5. "Well the PC's turn to crap after like a year and then you have to buy a new one!" Viruses on a PC: As long as you have some basic freeware antivirus (AVG) and antispyware (Adaware), and you have some basic common sense while on the web, viruses are actually kind of hard to get. Worst I've ever gotten on this three year old laptop is some nasty spyware from downloading something fishy, which after a System Restore (a feature which the Mac lacks), was totally gone. PC's "Slowing down". Well first off, SO DO MACS, second off, this only happens if your system gets bogged with spyware because you didn't install some basic protection and never took steps to remove said spyware. Other way this can happen is if you fill up your hard drive. Good thing upgrading is so much easier on a PC than a Mac! (Two screws and I can pull out my hard drive, same goes for my RAM.) PC's and "Bloatware" (trial software that companies put on your computer that don't serve much of a purpose). Most brands don't really do this so much and if they do, UNINSTALL IT!

6. "Vista has so many issues"...Yeah it did when it first came out, which sucked. Microsoft fixed almost all of these issues, and now Vista is a great operating system with a bad name. Look up the Mojave experiment. Also, I've tried Windows 7 builds, and I gotta say I'm thouroughly impressed by the speed and functionality of the thing. Really, I applaud Microsoft on how well they did here.

7. Sheer variety. There are so many PC's with so many different customizability options, that no matter HOW picky you are you can almost always find a computer that suits your needs (Trust me because I fit this profile.) There are 3 lines of Mac laptops, and if you want anything else either get an older model or if you can't find that, well good luck. Application variety, too. There is way more third-party software out there for the PC than there is for the Mac.

I could go on and on and on with this. Save yourself the money and the hassle and get a PC!

10-02-09, 09:31 AM
I know I'm posting sort of late, i.e. several months behind the others, but I wanted to share my experiences as well.
I switched from a Gateway2000 to a PowerMac 7500 waaay back in 95. Since then, I've become addicted to all things Apple. I started collecting software and hardware via eBay. I have never, ever, ever regretted switching! Last year I started back to college so I was able to buy a MacBook w/4 GB of ram (such luxury), and I got a free iPod touch to go with it. I love both of them, and they have helped me get organized and stay on top of appt. and deadlines very easily. How? I subscribed to MobileMe, and using the built in apps iCal and Address Book, along with Mail, I enter an appt. or a deadline in one of those apps, and it immediately syncs with my main org center: Bento, from FileMaker. Bento costs just $49.00, and it hooks directly into iCal and the Address Book, as well as Mail. So I can enter an event in the Bento database I created for school, and it immediately syncs it with iCal, both the Mobile Me version, and the main desktop version, as well as on my iPod! In other words, you only have to enter info once, in one place, and it flows to all the other tools automatically. So very lovely to use, and easy too.
And you all are right, everything just works; Apple has a knack for making apps that seem simple, yet are very powerful, like GarageBand, or iWeb, iMovie, and my two faves, Numbers and Pages. I do all my essays and research papers for school in Pages, and then save a copy as a word doc as the college insists that we use that. I did install Office 08, and it immediately destroyed my font sets in Fontbook. I've had to download 3 huge updates since first week of July, and I'm tired of it.
The other thing about MS apps, and really Windows apps in general, is the packed toolbars. All those rows of icons really distract me from focusing on writing. I turn most of them off, but they still manage to get in the way.

Also, for those of you who don't really want an iPhone, but lust after the form factor and the way all those apps work, go for the iPod Touch. It's pretty much the same as the phone, and almost all the apps from the app store will work on it as well as the phone thing. Oh, and Apple reported earlier this week that there have been two billion apps downloaded from the app store. 2 BILLION! I find that number staggering.


10-02-09, 09:33 AM
A good article RE the relative cost of Macs vs PCs:

10-02-09, 11:00 AM
Oooh. Technology. :)

One day I will own a Mac. Until that time, I'll be using a computer that dual boots into Windows and Linux.

With that being said, I'm typing in Vista right now (only because I didn't realize the chat room was broken on here and thought something was wacky with flash on my Linux boot). I usually just use Linux and if there's something I need that it doesn't have (which is rarely), I'll boot into Windows.

I've made my Linux setup work much like a Mac. There's several programs such as Gnome-Do which will emulate the Quicksilver application, as well as a program to make the little bar up at the top work like a Mac. And, there's themes to make it look like a Mac. Yes, I have Mac Envy. No, I won't shell out the cash for a Mac.

My next desktop will be a Mac Mini. It'll do everything I need and it's affordable.

I'm a computer programmer and the languages I write in work better on Linux (or Mac - since it's UNIX based). I've also worked in Helpdesk and Networking jobs, so I'm pretty computer savvy.

I've been trying to talk my partner's parents into ditching their PC for a Mac so I don't have to continuously clean up the virus/malware problems they get. They have a Macbook, but partner's mom doesn't like it. She likes Windows. Ugh. :) I've told her to go to bootcamp and it'll change her mind.

Anyway, one day I'll own a Mac, but until then, I just make my Linux OS look and act like one as much as I can. :)