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09-27-08, 10:32 AM
does anyone have any tips on how to keep up with all of their goals (or the goals that your pareents want you to keep up with?)?
i have to brush my teeth, eat healthy, do my home work and school work and pay attention in class. this may not sound like alot but im not good at doing more than one of those at once. right now, im focusing on my school work. but whenever i go to the dentist, the orthodonist or the nutritionist, they remind me that i should be doing all of those at once. I CAN NOT DO THAT!! i don't know why, but its annoying!!! i feel like they're telling me im stupid! because i can't do all of that at once. and then i tell them im trying and they look at me with the most annoying look of disappointment that makes me feel worse than if they yelled at me. :(
im fed up with this!! its just plain annoying!!

anybody have any tips???
please? any thing. i can't stand to go bsck there again. :(

09-27-08, 10:43 AM
Being so scattered all the time can be frustrating when you are trying really hard to get it right. You just have to accept the fact that your mind tends to wander. If you are working on a task and you get sidetracked, as soon as you realize you are off target, bring yourself back on task. Learn to be patient with yourself. Develop the habit and it will improve a bit. When you have adhd the shortest path to completing a task is sometimes anything but a straight line. :p

Sometimes people give you a verbal list of things to do and an ADDer just has a hard time with sequencing long lists of things. As a result, tasks sometimes get left our or totally forgotten. So if you need to remember a todo list, get some post-it notepads and write it down. It is easy to verify that you have completed a list of things by looking at your list, if you have it written down. I use lots of sticky post-it notes at work. It helps me a lot.

good luck
Me :D

09-28-08, 07:53 AM
What I'm going to try myself now is put it on a whiteboard that's in my room. But I'm only just trying that myself since I got the whiteboard 2 days ago for my birthday. So I don't know if it worked.

09-28-08, 03:31 PM
when i was 14 an 15 i've had the same prolblems you have. yay may have add/adhd i was diagnosed with in a few weeks ago and im perfectly good. so yea. or try writing things down on a piece of paper. You don't have to multitask either just tell yourself to do one thing at once at a time dont rush