View Full Version : Getting a 11yr old a private diagnosis of ADHD in the North of England

09-27-08, 11:39 AM

Our family lives in the North of England, Carlisle. We want to pursue a private diagnosis for our daughter. She needs medication. How do we go totally outside of the NHS system? If we go outside of the system how difficult is it to get a child on medication. We are from the US and amazed how reluctant they are are here to give children medication? Any good Clinics on the North of England?



09-27-08, 12:38 PM
Off the top of my head I can only think of Dr Saroj Soni at The Priory in Altrincham, south Manchester.

09-29-08, 09:41 PM
I took my daughter to see Dr Daphne keen in london , She was really nice and very thorough you can google her name I think she does 2 private clinics per month ,she also works for the nhs, I got an appointment fairly quick and I didnt need a gps referral , I think she can do follow up appointments by phone if needed, Worth the fee 700 for the initial 2 hour assesment, And you will get a detailed report with reccomendations, that your gp should act on .

09-30-08, 02:30 AM

After the consultation will I need to then to fall back on our local surgery-which doesn't believe that ADHD exists in Children or Adults. Is this DR able to prescribe medication if she thinks this is needed? Will she help us with practical help in helping our daughter with helping us establish behavioural patterns that will help her?



09-30-08, 06:44 PM

Yes I am sure as I remember reading something about why theres a 15 admin charge for doing prescriptions or repeat prescriptions

Tbh I didnt pay much attention to the bit about medication as I wasnt expecting her to give me an outright diagnosis of add, or a prescription.

Regardless of what your Dr thinks he will get a copy of the assesment,Though I imadgine if you didn't want a copy they wouldn't send one.

With my daughter she had been at nursery from aged 2 (suggested by the health visitor) as her brother has autism it was felt that ,it might help bring her on if she had other role models, It was a really laid back place , they did loads of messy play not too many demands on her,So all I ever got from them is that she can be giddy/hyperactive and she had difficulty remaining seated during story time.

Normally I think Dr keen will send you some forms for your childs school to fill in, As I understand there has to be behavioural problems at home and school for a diagnosis of ADD (i may be wrong)

I went in the school holidays and although I could have got the forms done as they remain open for the the children whose parents can't get time off,

We decided that it would be better if we did the forms once she settles at her new school and where there will be more demands put on her. As I think this is often where some behaviours can become more noticable.

So if you have a bit off background info or get the forms done before you go ,Theres no reason why you won't get the diagnosis there and then,

She did say to me more often than not she can tell straight off what the child has,

But with my daughter there are a few things that don't add up, which I knew already but wanted a confirmation so my Dr would take notice,which he did.

Anyway I really reccomend you go see her, Its not too bad a place to get to either,

from Londons kings cross, the clinic is held at wimpole st , next to harley street which isnt very far ,unfortunately but typically we went the day after a lot off storms up north so encounterd major train delays

I accepted a cancellation so I was emailed my appointment letter,Overlooked the most important bit , the Clinics adresss
I nearly made the mistake of going to the NHS hospital she works at which I saw online , silly me , still setting off really early worked out for us.

My son insisted we went on the tube (hes more than a little obsessed with trains) And we hadnt travelled through London for a Long time ,So wasnt much fun when we returned in the rush hour 3 tube trains later we found one we could squeeze into,lol

the taxi would have been about 12 each way and worth every penny

anyway waffle nearly over , you may notice its 350 an hour so 700 for the 2 hour initial assesment but didnt feel rushed at all , We went over the two hours but wasnt charged extra,

They dont have card facilities so its cheque or cash only I beleive.

09-30-08, 06:55 PM

Thanks for the info. Our daughter is Home Educated so my wife as teacher will have to suffice in this situation. I have ADHD so I am pretty sure that she has it, but will really want a detailed analysis. She is 11 and can't be trusted to go to town which is about 700 meters on her own. She would get hit by a car or a bus the first time out. Totally impulsive and easily distracted.

I have sent Dr Keen an e-mail and waiting for her to respond.



09-30-08, 08:01 PM

no awareness of traffic at 11 dosnt sound good

she will ask about family history, im sure you will get a straightforward diagnosis, I would definately ask about the prescriptions before you decide Id probably even go as far as asking what shes likely to prescribe , I like to check things out as much as possible as I am terrible at making decisions.

I could have probably got a referral on the nhs to a dr in scarborough but wanted her seeing ASAP so spent a fair amount of time weighing up the odds,

The thought of travelling through london was putting me off , its bad enough doing a 5 min shop in sainsburys,

i have my daughter in a buggy still for days out, it was my sons from the wheelchair centre, I darnt let her loose, she does have a bit more awareness around traffic than my son though,

problem even when walking in the park is they have this thing going on where my son likes to be first and since she now also wants to be in the lead, they just run off, im 35 I cant keep up with them, lol

good luck with whatever you decide