View Full Version : Darkness (Poem)

Ashley Myers
09-27-08, 10:51 PM

If I can see darkness for what it is, why do I cave in?
Why is it that I continue to sin?
Why can't I resist the temptations every time?
Why can't I let your light always shine?
There are times, when I block you out just to cave.
Then you turn around and continue to save.
Why are you so loving and patient and kind?
I know how bad I hurt you, it dwells within my mind.
I sruggle in this life just to overcome.
Why can't I just except the things you've already done?
I will never be perfect, there is no reason to pretend.
Yet your forgiveness you continue to send.
Help me Lord, to see your grace.
To fall into your sweet embrace.
I don't know why I continue to sin.
I don't know why I let the darkness in! :confused: