View Full Version : pda's aarggg

Song of Mercy
09-28-08, 11:36 AM
I have never seen this area before...guess I should look farther down a Anyways, I got a new pda a few months ago and just thought I would share a little about that as I think it is funny now. To start, my first phone call came through and the d*** thing was locked. Of course I missed the call. Then spent the next 20 minutes crying, fussing, cursing, and yelling at the little innocent thing. Oh yeah, I got it unlocked...finally. Later that night I wanted to check out the cool camera. Hahaha, I couldn't unlock it a few hours earlier, and now I am going to 1)find the folder 2)locate the camera and 3)figure out how to take a picture. I fussed with it for about half an hour and was finally saved by my daughter. She grabbed it from me and in 3 seconds was taking my picture...she then says I dont deserve the phone and should give it to Well needless to say syncing, and using all the cool stuff in it is not happening...oh well, i did finally learn to text. :cool: