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mADD mike
10-02-08, 10:28 PM
Here is the results thread for this week. Please post what days you exercised, and any weight gain or loss, if you know it. Feel free to post extras, like what you did, or what you liked/didn't like. Encourage others to keep going, and let's see what medals there are to hand out this week.

10-03-08, 05:20 AM
Woohoo - down 2 lbs to an "official" 122. 4 more to goal, I decided to lower goal back to 118. :)

Sat - awesome mountainous walkage for an hour with dog
Sun - mountainous walkage for 50 minutes with dog
Mon - ran intervals - 2.1 miles, 2.6 total counting warmup and cooldown (with dog of course)
Tue - sick
Wed - sick
Thu - same as Mon
Fri - heading out to do same as Mon

My pledge for the next 7 days is to exercise for at least 4 days. Tomorrow I will essentially be walking for most of the day (Paul Bunyan Festival in Cambridge, OH), I'll try to remember to wear my pedometer and at least track the steps. I may or may not count that as exercise...depends on how long we're there, but seriously, it's a hellalotta walking!

Song of Mercy
10-03-08, 08:47 AM
sun-thur walked

mADD mike
10-03-08, 08:59 AM
Did day 1 of my Power 90 program on Monday.
Got sick Tuesday and did nothing.
Went to Office Depot Wednesday and thought I'd die.
Helped my wife clean a huge house Thursday because I got her sick too.
Lol, my week just gets better.

I did manage to lose 1 pound. I'll take it!

Feeling better today, not quite back, but much better, so hopefully next week I can get the Power 90 going, starting anew.

Glad to see good results from others so far!

10-03-08, 01:22 PM
Can't remember what I did on Saturday or Sunday.

Monday- Walk/jog 2 miles.

Tuesday- 30 minute workout on Aerobic Rider. (an evil contraption my mother gave me.)

Wednesday- Same as Tuesday + 25 crunches.

Thursday- 2 mile walk/jog. (in the rain.) + 25 crunches.

Today- Stumbled out of bed and down the stairs without injury. (Everything hurts.)

Weight- Same, but can zip up pants and still breathe, tie shoes, pick things up off the floor... things like that.

I really need to stop smoking.

(Pats self on back for remembering to post.)

10-03-08, 02:28 PM
Bad news overwith:

Didn't do ANY crunches this week!
Not terribly proud of myself for that. Some days I thought of it, procrastinated and then forgot. Other days I just completely forgot. *Sigh*

Better stuff:

Mon: 1 1/2 hour tough baladi lesson, I enjoyed it a lot and really got sweaty. :)
Tues: Dancing school (next week things'll get even better :))
Wed: 1 hour walk
Thur: Barely got outside the door, but 1/2 hour slow walk still counts for me.
Fri: (today; it's 8:22 pm here now) I'll go listen to some Irish music at a local koncert place, and hopefully dance somewhere between a little and a LOT. Going all alone, though, so you never know how the evening will turn out. But I'll report back.

Sat: I'll be going to another concert (stand up koncert) and prolly dance too. :)
Sun: Will see if I can't get myself out for a lon walk. Sometimes I wish I had a Max like Dorie does. :)

So, all in all, not worst week, but not best either.

Measurements hasn't changed and I still don't own a scale, so I don't know what I weigh in at, but I've been eating very well, keeping all '"green" numbers for 19 out of the past 20 days, so that's not too bad. :)

Good work everyone! :)

10-03-08, 03:42 PM
added a 15 minute ab workout to my walking and yoga work outs. I only did yoga 3 time though. I did my ab workout on the 2 days I did not do yoga. But, as I have been saying, no weight loss. Still 139! My original weight when I started all of this. One thing I have not done since I started not losing is riding my horse. I wonder id that has anything to do with it? I usually go out to the bard for a couple hours 2 or 3 times a week, but since the potential move it has been 0 times a week. Very frustrated. I would rather ride than exercise! Especially if it is the riding that helps me lose weight and feel better!

10-03-08, 05:10 PM
Hey...Look! I finally got the little medal thingy in my sig. (might be the wrong one though...) At least there's something there.

10-04-08, 12:30 AM
I did the aerobic stuff 3 days this week.
I only did resistance stuff once. Bad me. I tried the ab machine at the gym instead of doing crunches on the ball. YOW! I can feel that!!!

And I don't care about my weight, although I see a slight improvement in the gut!

10-04-08, 02:13 AM
OMG I am sooooo late! SORRY! Watching the Red Sox, it is a good reason for distraction ::grin::

Mon: 30 min walk after work, VERY fast, built up a sweat
Tues: 30 min walk
Wed: 30 min walk x 2 plus 2 15 min walks
Thurs: 30 min walk VERY fast like Monday
Fri: ummmmm...nothing... ::grin::

Salad with protein (chicken, fish, or beef) for lunch EVERY DAY Monday thru Friday. Breakfast is always a struggle, but had peanut butter crackers 3x this week....and Lean Cuisine every night for dinner.

Weight at doc's office on Wednesday: 161.5

Down 3 pounds since last official weight taken....WOOHOO!

10-04-08, 03:32 AM
Hmm...not so good this week...gained 2 pounds and only officially worked out one day for 30 minutes on the wii.

I was pretty distracted this week (lol) and didn't realize i was slacking on the exercising until i remembered I had to post here with an update. I didn't have any hockey games this week or volunteering (which involves a lot of walking) so that sidetracked me as well as re-starting my master's thesis after quitting for about a week after procrastinating on it for a couple years. No excuses, that's just what i came up with when reflecting on my week....and i'm sure there's stuff in here that I could discuss in many different topics in these forums!

I've sorted out my schedule (hopefully) and am getting back on track...again(story of my life!). I have actually been losing weight slowly but steadily until this week and I really notice that I don't feel as good when i miss back to it next week and I'll have more workouts and weight loss to report :)

edit: I just wanted to add it's nice to see the rainbow of coloured medals popping up here!

10-06-08, 08:30 PM
Way to go everyone!

I had a bad week. Did not exercise at all.
Been sick.

However, next week I will have better news to report to all of you. :)

10-07-08, 01:15 AM
Okay, I'm back...

I've tried to exercise... between studying (have a test Tuesday)...

And other excuses for not posting my results... but can't remember what they are... LOL

Went to the onc Thursday for a check up. Weighed at 185.75, I think... (Lost .25 # last week).

Friday, walked at CFFL on Treadmill: 25 min., 2.0 mph. .5 incline during the last five minutes.

Saturday, went square dancing... danced about 4 or 5 dances.

Today, err, I mean yesterday nothing ... or not enough.

Tomorrow, err, I mean today, we'll see...

Have a test tonight (Tuesday) at 6:00 p.m.

It's 12:14 a.m., Tues, Oct 7... so I'd better go to bed soon so I can have time to study before going to class tonight.

Thanks again, Mike for the reminder pm!:)