View Full Version : Focalin XR newbie

10-03-08, 09:44 AM
Yesterday my Dr. started me on 10mg.. I have taken Adderall XL (90 mg.) and Vyvanse (70 mg). I never could tell anything on them, except I lost ALOT of weight? What can I expect with Focalin XR? Will I loose on this too? I have been off my meds for a year and put the weight back on, so will it effect me again in that area? When will I be able to tell if it helps with my head? I'm waiting for the TA-DA drug. :) One where I will feel like I have awoken from some fog and can focus and not be such a lazy, not paying attition DUD!!

10-03-08, 02:35 PM
Well if amphetamines didn't do the trick maybe methylphenidate will. Focalin XR is pretty potent stuff. Don't give up on the 10mg dosage. Keep going up.