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Song of Mercy
10-05-08, 01:10 PM
Believe in yourself

Today really is the beginning of the rest of your life. You are free to let go of every mistake or wrong turn and start again. Consider the wisdom you have gained and realize you have more potential now than you ever have. Let that be the basis of your self worth as you once again turn towards your dreams.

Song of Mercy
11-14-08, 08:36 PM
I Am Free
Dedicated to Whitestripesfan

I am me and I am free. No longer a prisoner of my solitary confinement, waiting for my chance to stand again in the sun, I am free. I am me and I no longer wait for the correction officer to tell me when I can come through the locked concrete doors. I am not a prisoner, I am not a beggar, I am no longer suffering from starvation, waiting for someone to serve me a portion of life sustaining commodity. I am free. I have been giving back my humanity and I will cherish it. I will not give my freedom away again. I will not be a dyeing soul, I will not be a prisoner any longer. You will not tell me that these fears are concrete doors and entrapping. I do not get the strength of a warming ray of sun because you have allowed it. I am free to enjoy the sun when ever it shines. I no longer beg you. I no longer wait for your mercy to have a bowl of death delaying gruel. I have my own resources. I will command their use now. I will walk in the sun and feel the warmth of love from those who would share their light with me. Self and fear, take your place in the back, you are not orchestrating my relationships any longer. You are not my gate keeper. I will rejoice in the warmth of being a part of others lives. I am free to love and I cherish the chance to do so. I will not give love away without a fight anymore. I am strong. I am loved. I have resources. I am free.