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mADD mike
10-09-08, 10:39 PM
Hey guys and girls, here is your results thread for this week. Remember, I'm going to Michigan on Friday, so I will check back in and compile everything after I get back Sunday or Monday. Medals, records, everything will be taken care of then.

Oh, and while I'm here, since I may not have time tomorrow, I'll go ahead and report.

My weight seems to be steady this week, so no gain or loss.

After getting over being sick last week, it took me until yesterday to have enough energy to do anything. That took a lot out of me.

So, I worked out:

Wednesday and Thursday

My wife and I even went to a new park today. It has a 1+mile track around it that goes by a beautiful pond full of ducks, geese, and swans. There are also rows of trees, various trees labeled on the ground to walk through, planted in rows. Also, there are various workout stations throughout, just to the side of the path, with suggested workouts. For example, there is a chin-up station set up for that, there is a sit-up bench, inclined push-up bars, monkeybars, a soft area for jumping jacks, etc. It is a very cool, and VERY busy park. I'll have to take pics next time.

Well, that's it for me. I hope everyone had a great week, and see you guys when I get back.


10-10-08, 08:07 AM
Down 1/2 lb to 121.5

Hiked in the woods, walked the dog, or ran 5 days, not counting today. I'm heading to the farm today and will most likely be hiking in the woods before the day is over. Have a great week y'all.

10-10-08, 10:29 AM
Just checking in and reporting my results!

I ran 3 days this week.

30 minutes one day, 19 minutes another and 33 minutes two days ago.

I've had a great week!

I lost 3 lbs this week! :)

First time I could say that in a long time!

I'm excited!

10-10-08, 11:11 AM
Just checking in and reporting my results!

I ran 3 days this week.

30 minutes one day, 19 minutes another and 33 minutes two days ago.

I've had a great week!

I lost 3 lbs this week! :)

First time I could say that in a long time!

I'm excited!
That's fantastic!:D

10-10-08, 01:01 PM
I lost 2 lbs this week. I did spurts of excersise here and there because I saw it on the news this week how even 5 minutes at a time through out the entire day will help. So, I did my walks, and yoga like normal but then I did crunches, weights and exercises in 5 to 10 minute intervals every couple of hours. I also ate small healthy meals through out the day. Oh, and I doupt this was exercise but I rode the trails for about 90 minutes on Sunday. We mostly walked so I doupt it burned any calories. But, it felt good to be outside anyhow.

10-10-08, 09:43 PM
Didn't weigh myself this week so I don't have weight loss to report...I feel about the same so probably no big flucuations either way in the weight.

exercise: 2 hours walking M-F

Song of Mercy
10-10-08, 10:24 PM
I lost 10 lbs this week. I have been broke and have been eating really lean food, beans and more beans, and rice and more soy sauce, no butter, you get the idea. Also, I have to walk 3 miles round trip to the store. So, anyways, maybe my scale is broke or something!

m-th walked various lengths,
however, slept most of tue and wed, so those days only 1/2 mile per day.(new med kicking my butt!)
-10 lbs.

10-10-08, 10:37 PM
I'm down 1/2 pound to 161.

Monday: nothing
Tuesday: 1/2 hour walk x 2
Wednesday: 1/2 hour walk x 2
Thursday: 1/2 hour walk x 2 plus 45 minute walk
Friday...nothing ::sigh::

Back to the gynm next week, I MEAN it!

Good work everyone!

10-10-08, 11:44 PM
Wow, you guys are doing great! :)
Me, not so much, but I've been eating very well all days except thursday, and that wasn't even so bad, so that's something.

Working out:
Mon: 1 1/2 hour dance class
Tue: My own 1 1/2 hour dance class + 2x15 min warmups.
Wed: 60 min walk
Thur: 30 min walk
Today, fri: 70 min walk

Going to my parents sunday and will weigh in here when I get the result.
Measured yesterday, and I've lost an inch on each of my thighs and an inch on the hip. :)

Great job, guys!

Song - 10lbs?? :eek: Wild!!

10-11-08, 12:00 AM
I blew out my knee, so couldn't do a lot. Mostly a few half-hearted attempts at upper body stuff and some leg lifts. Nothing significant. Knee will probably take another week or two before I can lose the cane. (Heh..I do keep misplacing it, hobbling around looking for it.) Lost five pounds though.

10-11-08, 02:13 AM
I didn't have a great week. I only went for cardio once. I've got a cold or sinus thing going on and just wasn't buzzing with energy at all. I did weight myself, even though wieght isn't something I'm working on -- I'm down 2 pounds. Maybe it's the Adderall.

Better next week.

10-11-08, 09:26 AM
Ooops! I hope this is not too late.

Only got out and excersized once, a run for 20 to 30 minutes.

I did drink more water than I normally do during the day. I know that helped keep the munchies away.

I think I lost 2 or 3 lbs, I am at 203.5, so maybe that should be a starting weight for me.

This upcoming week the exercise will have a better chance of happening. My wife and I agreed on a 10:00 "lights out" because getting up at 5:30 to exercise can be harsh.

Good luck to everybody! :)

10-11-08, 11:50 AM
Hey Fit Club....will I ever post on time? sorry! I had another rough week on meds, today they got uped so as soon as I feel "right" again I will get SOMETHING done ;-( I did loose another few lbs just from the meds I think. The weather has been turning cold here limiting my bike riding too is a nice warm day tho, so Im going for a nice long ride later!!

10-11-08, 10:03 PM
Did I forget to post my updates again? Darn, I've been totally out of it for 2 whole weeks or so. Alright, here it is:

-1 for the week
Worked out once on Wednesday only (I think, I can't remember with all the drama going on in this house)
Wednesday: Ablounge - 20-25 minutes, I believe...

Pathetic, I know. I could have done better, I don't want nor like to point the finger but, if only the over-dramatic, over-exaggerating, mind-game playing, two-faced people all around me would just leave me alone before I take them out of their misery!! :p ;) lol

10-12-08, 11:02 AM
Hey toca, don't worry about it.
A little IS seriously better than nothing! :)

BTW: Guys, do we miss anyone that we thought would be bere this friday?
I think I'll try to take a trip to the old thread and look if anyone joined in the past two weeks or so and didn't report for some reason.
Not at all to pressure anyone, I just know I would want you guys to help me "back in" if I for some reason fell out of this program. :)

10-13-08, 03:48 AM
Hey, just weighed myself at my parents - lost an additional two pounds.
So that's about 12 pounds all in all for me since I started out!

Yay me!!! :D