View Full Version : Wondered whether an iPod Touch was the right device as a PDA for an ADDer

10-12-08, 04:49 PM
I'm going to get one of the new ones with built-in speakers.
I'll get back to you with the results.

What were my concerns :
- How many alarms I can set up
- If when the alarm goes off, the iPod will show me what the alarm is for
- If I can have different to do lists
- If the built-in speaker is used for the alarm
- If I can set custom alarms
- If I will have to let the iPod turned on for the alarms to go off (because if so, the battery life would just suck)

It seems that I can set as many alerts as I want, make them repeat each day, each week... etc. Now, if I can set an alarm along with it or if I need to use another app remains to be seen. (In the worst scenario, I will (try to) make an app that does all of this myself and will name it "Your digital fully working, never forgetting brain")

There are already to do lists programs that allow to make many to do lists based on deadlines or any other criteria.

The new iPod uses the built-in speaker for the alarm and custom alarms are possible without any new software.

On the apple forum, someone told me that by putting the iPod to sleep mode, I would be able to keep it almost one week without running out of power. The sleep mode allows music to be played so it would also allow the alarm to go off.