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10-13-08, 12:56 PM
My new occupational therapist is coming round tomorrow and im really worried and scared.

im not good with meeting new people especially when its therapists or doctors. i met her last week when she visited me with my old therapist and all i did was sit there and cry...i didnt even talk to her :(

I dont know how im going to cope because its just going to be me and her in my house.

does anyone else have this problem or is it just me? lol

10-13-08, 06:10 PM
"it's just going to be me and her in my house".

I don't understand. Are you afraid of her?

You also mention you have a problem meeting new people -- esp when it is a therapist/doctor.

Do authority people or people that you perceive to have more power than you, make you feel uncomfortable?

10-13-08, 06:22 PM
No im not afraid of her its just that my mum is normally with me at my first sessions and after what happened last time i dunno if i will feel comfortable being left alone with her.

yes they make me feel uncomfortable because i know that i have to open up to them and i find it hard to talk about my feelings and stuff. The only time i do is if i feel comfortable with them.

10-14-08, 08:32 AM
Starting with a new therapist is always hard. IMHO that's normal. It takes time to learn to trust them, and sometimes things click and sometimes they don't. When I started with my new one it took weeks before I started loosening up. Take it slow and know that you are perfectly normal. If it turns out that things don't click, try and find someone else even though that's hard, too.

Good luck and keep us posted.

10-14-08, 09:41 AM
Well my therapist just left and it went okay! she was really nice and i think she was better than my last one.

My last one put too much pressure on the 2nd visit she expected me to go out everyday and do my target gah and then the next visit she gave me another target to do as well as doing my target before!!

but today was alright...we talked a little..least i actually spoke this time :) and then we went out and took my dog for a walk together. and my homework is only to take my dog out for a walk on friday...i feel so relived.

lets hope it will last! :)

10-16-08, 10:01 AM
I'm glad it went well. That always gives one a boost to take on the next time. Hope it continues to go smoothly for you.

10-28-08, 07:41 AM
I understand your fear, MissSammie. I was getting help from something called "Community Support Services" when I was really struggling with just everyday functioning stuff. I had three UNHELPFUL ones, and it was very frustrating . . . MADDENING really. It ended up being more a "hurt" than a "help."

I'm glad this person seems kinder and gentler. I would assume, too, that in England (just as in the U.S.) YOU can request that the therapist NOT come again - right? So YOU are in CONTROL!