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10-16-08, 05:43 PM
I have been bumped to so many different medications and its getting was taking adderall 40mgs/day and it wasnt doing much of anything for me. My doc switched me to Focalin 10mg in am then 10 in afternoon. Is this even close to what I was on before. I have to keep in mind that I am on depression meds and bi polar meds. Anyone have any advice?

10-17-08, 09:50 AM
focalin is formulated with only one part of ritalin, the one isomer that it only needs to work, while the other one is just inactive. This might contribute to less side effects. Usually, but not always, the dosage is half of what it would be if one originally took Ritalin.. So if you took 20mg of Ritalin, you might only need 10mg of Focalin.

10-17-08, 02:46 PM
I am hoping it works better than my adderall because that puts me to sleep. Do you have any experience with it or used it? Focalin that is...

10-17-08, 03:03 PM
If I can remember correctly, it's been like over a year since I tried it, I didn't have any bad effects. I think it didn't last long for me, like 4 hours, and when it wore off I became tired, but that happens with most of the stimulants. You can always take another after the first one or have a IR booster. The good thing though, I don't know if it's like that for everyone, but no mood problems during or after it wore off. I have had bad come downs on concerta and daytrana, so maybe the different delivery of the medicine helps.

10-17-08, 08:42 PM
Yeah thats great if it doesn't have any come down. I have been on concerta, vyvanse, ritalin, and adderall. I get used to all of them but concerta and ritalin gave me bad mood swings. I am bi polar as well so it is hard to figure out whether the mood swings are from bi polar episodes or just the stimulant wearing off. It is a rough ride for awhile until I find what is right.

10-17-08, 08:56 PM
Focalin XR or IR? According to most of the medical studies, Focalin should be on an equal basis with Adderall on a mg per mg basis. I can't confirm nor deny that even though I've been on both (currently on Focalin XR 15mg, twice a day). Focalin is a strange animal of a med. Feels very different to me than Ritalin (in a good way). Too much Focalin is waaay too strong and zones me out big time.

I've switched from Vyvanse over to Focalin XR for a month or so and really like it so far.

10-18-08, 12:49 PM
Yeah thats good to know...I was on ritalin once...20mgs twice a day IR...then back on adderall 20mg twice a now the Focalin 10mg IR twice a day. I hope it is enough to keep me focused thats my main concern. I heard it is half the dose of regular ritalin so we will see...thanks for the advice.

10-18-08, 01:09 PM
I don't know too much about bipolar but the big concern would be how fast Focalin (or Ritalin) IR rises and drops. Could the sudden swings in med levels be bad for irrating mood levels? The XR version.... Focalin XR, while contains two IR doses, helps reduce the super high peaks and rapid drop-offs so it may be smoother.

10mg of Focalin would roughly equal 10mg of Adderall (1 to 1 equal on dosage). Anyways, it's a good med and 10mg is a good starting point. The more I've taken it the more I'm liking it.


10-18-08, 02:11 PM
I think the next time I go to the doctor if the Focalin doesnt work is to suggest a XR in the AM then a IR for the late day. Maybe that will help...10mg = 10mg adderall...ok I will try it and see if I see some changes. Have you been on adderall? My tolerance is really high on it thats why I have to switch...

Mr Countryboy
10-24-08, 11:42 PM
I have been on Adderall and Ritalin way to long. I feel numb and sleepy most of the time after taking my medicine. I am trying to find a new medicine now.

Is Focalin a form of Ritalin or is it totally different? I want to know this because I have been on Ritalin for years and have a tolerance for it just like Adderall.

10-25-08, 09:48 PM
Focalin is instant release Dexmethylphenidate. It should be more potent than Ritalin, but I do not like it so far after being switched from Adderall. It makes me feel cold and apathetic.