View Full Version : Dr. or Psy that will perscribe meds and work with me

10-16-08, 09:32 PM
I live north of Denver (Fort Collins) and I am having a difficult time trying to find a doctor or therapist who works on a sliding scale (b/c I do not have insurance) base who will be patient with me and provide feedback while trying to find the most appropriate ADD medication and dosage. I'm getting really desperate, so I am willing to travel. Please if anyone knows of anything or anyone please respond. Thansk:)

10-21-08, 11:10 AM
hi bailee - I also live in Ft Collins and might have some recommendations for you - I'll talk to my docs over the next couple weeks and see what sliding scale options there are out there...

10-21-08, 12:27 PM
Thankyou so much!! It would be really nice to work closely with someone not only for medication reasons but also for ADD issues in general. I've gone my entire life as I am and it feels overwhelming to make drastic changes, thou I want to....just not sure how to begin.