View Full Version : One of my favorite desserts!

03-19-04, 09:32 PM
I know we all should think of healthy desserts, but one of my favorites is way off the healthy scale. However, for a once in a great while bit of pleasure here is a great recipe.

2 boxes of vanilla pudding mix.
1 box of vanilla wafers.
2 or 3 bananas sliced.
1 container of whipped cream.

Layer the wafers and pudding evenly then add the bananas, or you can make the pudding and stir in the wafers and bananas.. either way is ok.

Then top with the whipped cream and refrigerate until ready to be served.

03-19-04, 09:52 PM
My mom used to make this when I was little, I could go for some right now, mmmmm...:p