View Full Version : Looking for an Adult ADD/ADHD Specialist in MA

10-20-08, 09:51 AM
Hey Guys,

I'm a 23 year old Male living in central MA (westminster, working in Boxborough) and recently realized that ADD may be a reality for me. My mother is a teacher and imprinted the image of psychological diseases being psychosomatic on me at a young age. I've had what I just thought was an extremely anxious personality my entire life. Regular sleep without medicinal aid has been impossible for me. School, although successful (graduated from an electrical engineering program 1.5 years ago) was a string of battles with procrastination, sleep deprivation, and panic. Studying for a test was impossible unless I waited until 3 A.M. the night before when my mind would stop rushing. The less structured the classes became, the more difficult it was for me.

I can't focus on a single task, I always have five or ten different projects going at a time, and never seem to find a way to finish them. Work has become immensely stressful as I'm managed less and less. Now, being expected to simply find and complete multiple projects on my own which require strict organization / documentation / communication seems impossible.

Socially, I have to admit that I've been inept since middle school. Larger social occasions cause a great deal of anxiety for me. And any group beyond 3-4 people I know leads to less and less talking / more and more internal thoughts rushing back and forth.

Recently, I was talking to a friend about my problems and he said something along the lines of "Man, I have a feeling that you actually do have ADHD." And although I had always brushed these ideas off in the past I looked up the symptoms and could honestly relate to 9/10ths of it. The more I read, the stronger the correlations became and now I'm ready to find help.

So far I've seen two specialists in Mass:
Adult ADHD Clinic in Northborough (no website and the business info says that they have 3 employees) (In boston unfortunately, which is far from my location)

However, any Adult ADHD specialized psychiatrist or neurologist would be perfect. I just don't want to go through the time of experimenting with various doctors who don't even believe what I'm going through is real.

Thanks for your information / support,