View Full Version : Need Help, Feel like im getting the runaround!

10-23-08, 01:49 AM
Back in high school i was diagnosed with ADD but i never really got any treatment for it. I struggled and barely got by. But now that I'm in college I wanted to try to get treatment and get back on medication. The problem is on my insurance i have a 40% to 50% copay and i have to pay upfront. I went to see a psychiatrist in July and after a consultation and a few expensive $140 1 hr sessions that led nowhere he wanted to do some testing and it was going to add up to over $800. He wanted to spend about 6 hrs doing testing. So i stopped seeing him and tried to find someone who could work on a sliding scale or had a cheaper rate. So i ended up finding a therapist who i thought could do my testing. I met with my first therapist at this office 2 times before she quit without telling me. A month later her replacement called me and i went to about 3 more appointments at $30 each. Then I found out that she couldn't administer testing for ADD and i would have to see the building psychiatrist. I ended up losing contact with the therapist and the office never answered the phone or returned any of my calls. So i went off to find someone who could do ADD testing only to get medication. I ended up finding someone who is a Phd. Lp. I think he is a psychiatrist or psychologist. Im not sure the difference. So far ive seen him 4 times at $50.00 each. At this point I've finished all the testing. Now he wants to see me a 5th time just to tell me my results. I feel like hes trying to get all the money he can out of me. Two of the times i went to his office i never left the waiting room all i did was do the test and he talked to me about 5 minutes then left the office while i did the test. I still had to pay even though he wasn't even in the room most of the time. I don't feel like that should of counted as a session.

But what confuses me is that he said that later on this week when i get the test results from him I'm going to need to see a psychiatrist to get my medication prescribed to me. This was a total shock because i thought he was going to write the prescription for me. I thought that was something he could do? I just want to know what i need to do after i get his diagnosis. I'm pretty broke from paying to see him out of pocket 4 times in two weeks. I just want to be prescribed my medication so i can be done with all these expensive visits.