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10-23-08, 10:18 AM
Anyone know of books that teach how to be an effective ADD coach? I can't afford a coach, but I believe my brother would be willing if he knew what he could do to help me out. While I was searching on the net I found this quote which was quite amusing and at the same time very alarming.

Not all people with AD/HD do need a coach. On the other hand, after you have a medical diagnosis, have found the right combination of medications to normalize your brain functioning, have educated yourself about AD/HD and how it has and can affect you, have surrounded yourself with supportive, understanding people and a support group, but still find yourself spending hours and days playing solitaire instead of doing the dishes, paying bills or doing your paperwork, it is time to consider hiring a coach.

10-23-08, 11:56 AM
I'm not sure if there are any books out there than can really teach somebody to be an ADHD Coach. With that being said Nancy Ratey's book "The Disorganized Mind" is probably the closest thing out there. It's got some great strategies and she even has her own self coaching model in the book.

Also there are some more affordable ADHD Group Coaching options out there. There are programs under $100 per month.

10-23-08, 01:41 PM
Thanks. I'll look into the book you mentioned.

12-02-08, 03:58 PM
I'd really like to see more peer coaching and books for that because as it turns out ADD is an expensive condition for many people, the drugs can cost anywhere up to $200 a month, I can't use library books becuse I forget to return them so I buy my books, for many going to see a dr involves more money yet, psychiatrist add on etc. While what we have is not an addiction having someone willing to coach in return for you coaching someone else etc.. would solve a huge issue for many. Kind of like an AA sponsor.

12-02-08, 04:07 PM
Nancy also has some free worksheets on her site about self-coaching.

01-23-09, 01:06 AM
I appreciate this thread. ADHD coaching is a growing trend that needs to be publicized by organizations such as CHADD.

01-23-09, 01:10 AM
Canadian Mark Norris also is an ADHD coach, but his method is to coach the parents of children who have ADHD. Nancy's book is outstanding and a great resource for a thankfully growing alternative method for managing ADHD.