View Full Version : started FocalinXR 20mg today

11-03-08, 10:25 PM
I started 20mg today. Never been on ADD med before so not sure what to expect. Took the capsule at 11. Worked all day with no jitters or obvious side effects but it was outside work today and not detail work. I have some of that to do tomorrow, so it will be interesting to see how I fare then. Got home around 630 and noticed I was yawing quite abit. Seems to have passed now. Im guessing i should keep a log for reference. Dr said he would call in a few days and asked that I call if I noticed side effects that were bothersome.

11-04-08, 03:03 PM
Welcome. 20mg XR is usually a high dose to start off from but since you've obviously tolerated it that isn't a big deal. Lasts about 5-6 hours for me then the yawning and sleepiness kicks in. I had bad headaches the first couple of days taking it but they went away.

11-04-08, 03:47 PM
I woke up twice last night, but I was able to go back to sleep. My sleep patterns have always been abnormal for other people. But I am not insomniac. I just sleep different I think. So to wake only twice was a bit out of the rdinary for me. I am usually up and down all night.

Took my second dose this morning at 8:30. I definitely do not feel high at all. My head feels a little thick and have a headache, but i can focus better it seems. The headache is there, but not debiliating. I started yawing about half hour ago, but not yawning now. That's kinda weird I think. So for now I think I am liking the FOCALIN XR.

11-06-08, 12:51 AM
so day three...seems to help. The only real issue i have is that i seem to get sleepy and start yawning 4 hours after i take it and then 4 hours later. I may have to wait until after 8 oclock in the morning to take it so it will last the full day. I get really sleepy about 4:30 and the days not over yet....but if this is as good as it gets, its better than it was by least I am getting about 8 hours of good solid work ...never really had that before...

I cant get a good read from people if things change much after 3 days...or if this will be the effect I can expect from here on out.

I am so happey that I don't feel euphoric on this stuff. I was a bit worried about that, but the feeling i get is not euphoric at all..its not unpleasant, but a little bit (just a little) edgy/jittery. So that lessens my concern on the addictive possibilities.