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11-04-08, 12:47 PM
I'm a newbie with first time post. I'm submitting this to the ADD and depression forums and would be grateful for any comments.

50 years old, long time major depression since at least age 14. I had some success with Tofranil between 1985-90, but that seemed to quit working (or could not counter the effects of my wife losing a child in 7th month of pregnancy ?). Self admission for 30 day inpatient in 1990.

Tried several other meds, and finally found a winner with Nardil. I've been on Nardil for 17 years, 60 mg. (except for disastrous experiment with Effexor) and have found it to be a life-saver. I still have occasional severe depressive episodes, but these are always short duration, like 3-4 days max.

ISSUE - I realized long ago that in spite of Nardil doing a great job with depression, I still had a lot of "issues". About 10 years ago I read "Driven to Distraction" and realized that I scored extremely high on all of the ADD tests that I could find - Inattentive type. I mean extremely high.

However, my psych said that if I wasn't diagnosed as ADD as a child that you cannot develop adult - onset ADD. I was not diagnosed ADD as a child, but recall having some symptoms. Although I was a good student, I recall problems listening to verbal instructions, disorganized desk at school, very fidgety, etc.

Possible complicating factor (?) is the hypomania that can be a side effect of Nardil, but this isn't synonymous with ADD symptoms. My wife doesn't believe that I showed the ADD symptoms prior to 1990 (when I began nardil), but I'm not so sure about that.

I'm also feeling like cognitive impairment is getting worse and memory has gotten really bad.

Yesterday I had an extensive evaluation with competent psych. She's not convinced on the ADD, as my childhood symptoms (what I can recall) do not seem to have been severe. Again, I absolutely score through the roof on ADD tests.

The psych has recommended neuropsychological testing as the next step, which sounds like a good idea.

Any insight into my apparently mild ADD symptoms as a child compared with very strong ADD symptoms as an adult, possible relationship with major depression, or any other comments, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.