View Full Version : Any experience with desoxyn? I start tomorrow after paying $248 for 60 5 mg pills

11-06-08, 01:13 AM
I've tried serveral forms and doses of dex and felt nothing. Doctor finally gave me a script for doesxyn 5mg bid. I've heard good things about it but nothing specifically.

Should it be taken with baking soda to enhance the effectiveness like dex?

How long does it take to begin working?

I heard that some people get relief by taking both dex and desoxyn together?

Does anyone know where to find desoxyn cheaper? If it works it'll be worth it, but me not working doesn't help the situation. And they don't offer a patient assistant program.

Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for sharing.

11-06-08, 01:46 AM
I am prescribed Desoxyn at 20mg, however I do not take it everyday (in fact I rarely take it at all).

Do not mix the methamphetamine with baking soda, this will not accomplish anything. It is a hydrochloride salt and it is very well absorbed.

I've tried serveral forms and doses of dex and felt nothing

What exactly are you trying to feel? Aside from the release of serotonin, methamphetamine is not really any more potent than d-amphetamine, and if you are looking to "feel" something dexedrine is probably better. Methamphetamine can alter mood a bit more than dexedrine, but this seems to occur at 20mg and above.

If you aren't looking to "feel" something, then methamphetamine is by far the most effective ADHD medication currently available. Strangely, I still prefer Focalin, as it feels less "draining" than the Desoxyn. Yes, Focalin is not as effective as the methamphetamine, and has more short-term side-effects, but I feel sort of "empty" the day after taking methamphetamine.