View Full Version : what kinds of things do you do with your moms?

11-07-08, 12:57 AM
I'm starting to realize that I don't really have a relationship, or good relationship with my mom. She's ADHD too, so she'd be easy to go all over the place with, and my attention is somewhat better but not really too well for conversations. I feel like I've hated her my entire life, or not appreciated her too well, kind of like blaming my problems on others and I feel bad asking for money from her when I don't feel like I deserve it, like it's some business relationship. So how do you have fun with your moms? What do you talk about?

11-07-08, 08:00 AM
I'm sorry you don't have a good relationship with your mom. Mine was my best friend when I was a teenager. We were the only football fans in the family and went to all the HS games together, watched them on TV from college on Saturdays 'til pro on Monday nights and went to a couple of Atlanta Falcon games in person. We talked about everything, she would come sit on the edge of my bed before I went to sleep and we'd talk about the day's events. Sadly she died of a heart attack when I was 18, she was just 40, so I say to everyone who's mom is still living, appreciate her, I STILL miss mine and I'm fast approaching 50.

11-08-08, 11:09 AM
kwalk, think about anything you both like that you could share or do together. Like Dorie and her mom watching football. As a young teen, my DD really liked watching movies with DH and me. My mom (rest her soul) and I were really close and talked on the phone daily. We ALWAYS discussed politics (this may not work if you don't hold the same views).

I'm assuming your mother is geographically close and physically able to get out and about. The suggestions I have would all fall under the category of "cheap date" activities. Cook and eat something together. Go to a museum. Go for a coffee and poetry reading. Have a book club for two. Go to an open air free concert. Take a short course together at the community college. Volunteer at a charity together. If either of you is religious, worship together. Dig out old family pictures and put them into a scrapbook.

Good for you for trying to reach out to your mother. No matter the outcome, you won't regret making the effort.