View Full Version : Trouble Talking to Psychiatrist about Meds.

11-09-08, 05:59 PM
Hi All. I wrote a post a few days ago about my past with abusing stimulants (here is the link in case your curious...
Anyways, to sum it up in the past I abused Adderall and have now been trying different types of medications for ADD (Strattera, Welbutrin, and a few other non-stimulants). Now I have a new dilemma.
I am honostly still unmotivated, sluggish, finding it hard to focus, basically a mess on all these different types of medication. When I was on Adderall in the beginning and my Mother controlled it I took 30 MG a day and got great grades, able to complete my chores...basically I was living a well-rounded and happy life. I feel like I need to tell my doctor I need to take some sort of stimulant medication. I live with my best friend who is willing to put the medication in a lock box in her room and give me the medicine everyday. That way there would be no way I could abuse it or mess up. I really need help taking to my doctor and MY MOTHER about this and figuring out a solution
Any Ideas?

11-10-08, 08:53 AM
First of all, welcome to the forums.

It's a little difficult without know ing how old you are, but whether you are over or under 18 I would suggest approaching your doctor first. It sounds like you have been with them for some time since you've tried a number of medications and, hopefully, have built a good relationship. Just be honest with him/her and see what they say. If you aren't 18 yet and need your parents permission for the medications and the doctor agrees with you, you can then jointly talk to your Mother.

I also don't know how serious the abuse was. Were there other drugs involved or alcohol? At what age did the abuse take place? etc. Have you or are you currently working with therapist along with medication? All of these would have an impact on the final decision, I would think. IMHO, I always think it is invaluable to work with the therapist regardless and if you aren't working with one you could suggest adding that in addition to medication. It might help.

All this is just my opinion. Hopefully, you'll get a few more responses, but regardless, keep us informed, okay?